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Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S4

Recently the Carrier AT&T had started seeding the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S4 in United States,but it was available for only few days and after that it was immedialty amde unavailabe as some devices reoprted to be having some hanging issues with the new update.Users of Samsung Galaxy S3 also faced the same problem with their update

android 4.3 galaxy s4

But,Good news is that its now again available on  AT&T , and this time it seems that all the issues and bugs in the previous update are removed and it will work on phones flawlessly.

The update comprises of Android 4.3 version of JellyBean along with support for Galaxy Gear,Samsung Knox,Samsung Apps,Google Play 2.5,Drag and Drop feature to uninstall and disable apps.The update is reported to be of size 719MB and is seeding in US.

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  1. I am planning on buying the phone but after seeing reviews, none of them mention upgradable software. Does it work in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy S4? Also, is the Samsung Galaxy S4 capable of 4G connections?

  2. I am just looking for a quicker way to add photos and additional information to my contacts. Thanks!

  3. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I noticed yesterday any videos I try to play (on YouTube, Facebook websites etc) say “can’t play video”. Nothing about flash player just that it can’t play. I downloaded the update a week or so ago but this just started yesterday.

  4. The phone is rooted and i tried to unroot using odin with no success. It still freezes at the sprint startup screen. Please help!!

  5. I am looking forward to purchase this Xperia phone since i am really impressed with it but the only doubt i have is that what is actually it’s OS version. Some say it is planned to upgrade and some say it has already. If it has upgraded, exactly what version is it running now 4.0 or 4.1?? Also i am from Pakistan so if you could give info according to my location that would be great. Any help will be appreciated.

  6. I wanna know what version i have on my AT&T galaxy s4 and if i have the latest 4.3 jelly bean but u cant.. how can u know what version u hv??? Whenever i try to update it it says. “Software interrupted……….” thanks in advance :)

  7. when i try to update my samsung galaxy s4 (AT&T) from 4.2.2 to 4.3 i get to 3 % every time then it stops and says install interrupted. Has anyone else had this happen to them or know anything about fixing this?

  8. Should I update my samsung galaxy s4 to android 4.3? I heard about lots of issues with it and was wondering if they have been fixed. Thanks

  9. Alright, so I’m new to smartphones, so bear with me.

    I’m a “dumb phone” user who has survived on minimal texting for the past four years. I’m heading off to college this fall, and know that me asking everyone to contact me via email just isn’t going to cut it anymore; I’m already starting to text more and more often. My aunt has a really nice data plan through AT&T she’s letting me get on.

    I know the galaxy has a (much) nicer camera, bigger screen, and a quad-core processor. The thing that turns me off is actually the size. These enormous phones seem more like mini-tablets than phones. The HTC First is a size I’m more happy with (4.3 in screen), I liked typing on it, the phone seems speedy going between menus, and I think I’ll be happy with the user experience once I turn the “Facebook Home” thing off (it’s really easy to do, under facebook home it runs on typical android jellybean).

    The HTC First is $1 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is $200 (since I’m on contract). Once I buy one, I won’t be able to get the contract price again for another two years.
    The initial cost isn’t a huge deal to me, since my parents are buying me a phone as a birthday present. Of course, I still don’t want to spend money for no reason, especially if a different phone would fit my needs better.

    I want the phone mainly for email, texting, and *gasp* actual phone calls. Occasional video and map look-up. I don’t project being a super-heavy user. I might try doing facetime with some friends I won’t see for months at a time.


    Since I’m new to smartphones, I would like someone to explain what I’d be missing by taking the First instead of the Galaxy. I know my pics won’t be as nice, but what else? Will a video take longer to download? Can I run fewer applications at a time? It is harder to get internet connection (for some reason)? Will video chat be slow/unusable? What am I losing?

    Thanks for your time!

  10. I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy SIII its pretty amazing phone with great features. I am planning to get it this week. Its not very new phone in galaxy range and I really dont wanna outdate that soon. I heard that Samsung is getting 4.3 update for its top line phone definitely for Note 3 & S4. But I dont know about S3. So please tell me if there is official announcement or it really is.
    I also want phone reviews. I wanna know that is it true that phone is smooth and Lagfree just like iPhone. And about performance and battery.

  11. It’s been rumored that Samsung is skipping the 4.2 update for the Note 2 favoring the recently announced Android 4.3. I’m wondering if the Note 2 will get the newer Touchwiz Nature UX 2.0 that was introduced in the Galaxy S4 and Megas.

  12. I have a Galaxy S4 with the Android 4.3 update, but the problem has been going on before the 4.3 update while I had 4.2.2. I keep receiving live notifications late on applications such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc… I would get a notification of a new snap on my phone, but when I go to the app, it says that I actually received the snap about 20 or more minutes ago. Same with Twitter and other downloaded apps. Please help me fix this irritating problem.

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