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Android seizes the record of 81% share for Q3 2013


According to the Strategy Analytics the Android OS has achieved a new record of 81 % global share out of 251 million shipments sold worldwide leaving behind its competitors Blackberry and Apple.With the dominating Google Android market, if we make a rough estimate,then out of every 5 smartphones,four of them are Android

Android market share


An astonishing news comes from Redmond, Washington DC. Microsoft’s Windows Phone now shares 10.2 million smartphones – a striking ¬†improvement of 178% over the 3.7 million units (sold in Q3 2012). And the statistincs shows the Window phone market share has doubled from 2 percent to 4 percent in the past year.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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  1. Its a little early, but I plan on buying the Samsung Note 2 when it is released in Canada.

    What app do you use to do this file conversion? Available on applestore? Available on the google android market?

    What is the appropriate file format to play movies on Samsung Android devices?

    It appears iTunes is saving my movies as .m4v. I do not suppose Samsung devices can play m4v files?

  2. I deleted my google mail account and totally forgot it was the account I made so that I could access google play/android market. Now I keep getting a sign in error on my phone and im not able to download or update any of my apps. How do i fix this problem?

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