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Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft’s Asphalt comes at the top racing games for Android with expert graphics details to give the ultimate life-like experience

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  1. i want some good games, and i don’t have many, so i want to get some ideas. i have a tablet, and i want free games only, any ideas? and maybe some good games that are rated 4 out of 5. or 3 out of 5. thanks :)

  2. My list is made up of things like skydiving, rock climbing, and kickboxing, but I need a lot more suggestions.

  3. My mobile has 204 mb ram and 1ghz processer i want to know the list of Android 3d games that would run in my phone can any one suggest me tat like games ……

  4. I just read that asphalt 8 airborne is delayed for a short time, does anybody have a actual release date?

  5. It’s gonna take like forever to complete the game ! Any tips on how to score more in less time ?

  6. I have a google edition HTC one 4.3. I bought this new game and its kind of lagging. I assume the framrate is dropping below 30 from time to time. Are any of you facing this issue? I thought the 4.3 update would help with the graphics a lot.

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