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AVG AntiVirus Security

This mobile android version of famous powerfull PC antivirus AVG


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  1. I have McAfee Total Protection right now and I want to install another one like AVG Antivirus Free Edition or any other security softwares.
    Does running two antivirus softwares at the same time as it may conflicts or not? What do you think?

  2. I am getting a new laptop for college and I was wondering what’s the best program or combination of programs for protection. I don’t know what exactly I’ll get. I was thinking a Macbok or an HP laptop.
    My current Toshiba Satellite laptop didn’t have any protection when it was first given to me and after about 4 years, it got a virus and gives a pretty crappy performance. It has AVG Antivirus free version and SuperAntiSpyware free. But I have no idea if it actually works.
    I just want to be prepared when I get my new laptop. I know I would have to pay for any good protection. So any suggestions?

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