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CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

Just an amazing app to use your camera as a document scanner for maximum clarity

CamScanner is an excellent document management solution for our daily use. Its for those people who wish to scan ,edit and manage their variety of contents on their devices.This application has its own sophisticated process of enhacning the image quality to desired expectations


*Provides access to the Documents from internet

*Quickly captues the documents

Use your device’s camera to SCAN (take a picture of) every kind of paper documents. It also have a Batch Scan Mode which savea a lot of time. It automatically detects and make the adjustment of  the document arrangemenet.

*Automatically figures out enhances the readability of the document

*Brilliant cropping and automatically increasing scan quality. It ensures that contents in scanned documents readable and sharp with vivid colours and better resolutions.

*CamScanner helps you to edit documents attributes and provide notes, customise watermark and build annotations.

*Sharing & transfer Support

*Users are provided with scloud storage through which they can share their documents on the web

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