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  1. Lasagna delivery guy

    I want to know if I troll microsofts windowed chat in the contact us part if I’ll get console banned. I don’t care about account ban

  2. wwwavid360gamercom

    I’ve been on the PS3 website for over an hour and there is no option to contact sony or directly ask them a question, only forums and FAQs which are not helpful. The US site has a ‘contact us’ option, but that doesn’t really help me. I’d prefer an email address or website, not a phone number. Thanks.

  3. I use Dreamweaver to create HTML websites and was wondering if I could use a CAPTCHA or TEXT IMAGE for my contact us form?

    I want to do this to prevent spam. Any suggestions where I can go to learn more?

  4. I would like extra cash and how do I get them to send their surveys to me. I have been to their website and their is no link for volunteering for filling out surveys. I don’t want to push contact us button cuz that is only for clients. Anyone with experience volunteering for nielsen?

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