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ES File Explorer

ES, over 200 million+ all over the world downloads, file manager app leader on Android!

Rated one in every of best resource management tools on Android world.

V3 is coming! Classic Theme can downloaded on Google Market

ES File explorer is a free to use, full-featured file and application manager.

It features all these applications in one: file manager, application manager,Apps killer, cloud storage manager ,FTP manager, and supports LAN

It facilitates access to images, music, video, documents, and alternative files on each your android devices and also your computers.

ES File explorer permits android users, in spite of wherever they’re, to manage their resources without any charge.and  you’ll be able to see and access all of your files through your mobile device and share them with anyone.

The app makes it simple to remain connected over networks 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi for sharing with friends, transfer images, and watch videos.

ES File explorer 3.0 presently supports over 30+ languages

This final version is for suitable for Android version after 2.1

Main Properties:-

* File Manager – Manage your files such as you do on your desktop or portable computer ,and all major file operations can be performed on native files (on your android device) or remotely (on your computer)

* Application Manager – Manage, uninstall, backup, and make shortcuts to your apps

* Remote File Manager – once enabled, you can manage files of your phone from your pc

* InBuilt Zip and RAR support permits you to compress files and then extract them and also supports RAR files

* InBuilt viewers and players for numerous file varieties including media

* Provide thumbnails for APKs and pictures

* Text viewers and editors

* Access your home laptop via local area network with SMB

* Functions as your FTP client. Manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP servers in similar fashion you manage on your device memory card

ES File exploerer is an excellent cloud storage client with additional functions.

it can also save images, videos, and alternative files to your web drives and share them with others.

* Bluetooth file explorer can copy and access directories of paired bluetooth devices

* Kill running Task- this app also provides the feature of killing all the running application

* Root explorer – for advanced user to explorer into the system rooted devices.

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  1. I have to locate the camera app from the ES File Explorer and that is not very convinient. i tried creating a shortcut,but i have no idea where those shortcuts go to. Does anyone know how to get the camera fron ES File Explorer to my careseul or favorites for more easy access?

  2. There are plenty of videoss on You Tube about transferring files between android phones using WiFi Direct but none explain how to transfer files from a PC to an android phone using WiFi Direct.

    I have managed to get my PC to “find” my android and I can connect the two devices.

    When I click on a music file on my PC I cannot see any option for sending this via WiFi Direct. How do I do it?

    My PC is Sony Vaio.

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