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Exynos 64bit CPU confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S5

According to the information revealed by Korea Herald,Samsung and ARM finalized their plan to come up with 64-bit CPU for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.Moreover the sources also revealed that they are also working on Cortex-M processor for Samsung’s other devices and home systems

Exynos 64-bit processor for Samsung Galaxy S5

Exynos 64-bit processor for Samsung Galaxy S5

It was quite predictable that Samsung will come up with a 64 bit processor for its new devices ,after Apple’s 64 bit processor in iPhone.According to the executive of ARM by the end of 2015 ,ARM will be ready with their 128-bit processor chip.This high end processors will be very helpful in biometric application and face recognition technology.

Rest we can’t guess at this point that what ARM will come up in the coming times.At this moment we can only say that there is rapid development in the world of mobile processor chips for the coming years,and before 128-bit ones we will see a lot of 64-bit chips

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