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Google introduces ART(Android Runtime) in KitKat

Google introduces a new technology in Android that will change the way apps are executed by Android Devices.The main goal behind introducing ART is to replace conventional Delvik which was responsible to handle apps.In this new runtime, the bycode is interpreted by a Just In Time(JIT) compiler which has some part in the main application.It uses AOT(Ahead-of-time) process in which bycode is pre-compiled into the machine language at the time installation of apps.

ART Android runtime

The main advantage of this advancement will be on startup time of a phone and apps.ART is presently in testing phase but its officialy released in Nexus devices and it can accessed from Settings>Developer options>Select runtime.There is one con of this process that it will take about 10 minutes to boot all the operations up running again.We advise that one should not try this on any other AOSP builds currently

This transition results in decreasing the execution time to half and we are waiting for Google to make ART official,then the process runtime will be much more faster.

The main disadvantages of this method is that apps will take much longer time to install , which is quite hasty and unfavourable if we are running some backup process or installing a queue of apps.Moreover the apps will occupy much 10-20 % more storage space because a of completely compiled bycode

Finally we can say that ART will provide better loading and execution time for applications,better battery life and amazing level of multitasking


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