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How to connect your Android Device and PC via WiFi router

If you have a wifi router enabled and you use it on your pc then why not use this technology to avoid the hastle of connecting cable of your android device to pc everytime you need to transfer stuff.Now we will use your Wifi to transfer files between Android device and PC

What you need:-

A WiFi Router

A Pc and A Android Device ( off course)

ES Files Explorer App (Download Here)



1.Connect your Pc to WiFi router

2.Share some folders on your PC and make sure your you have turned off the firewall.

3.Install the ES File Explorer on your Android Device and open it

4.Now go to options of app and look for Network>LAN.

5.Click the Scan Button and you PC will be displayed ,open it(you might need to enter your pc username and password)

6.Voila! Now you can access your whole pc files from your phone

To Open your phone on PC

1.Go to options Tools>Remote Manager

2.Select Turn On and enter the address given into your browser on PC

3.Access your phone files from browser



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  1. I have been browsing reviews about HTC one in several review sites, but none had specified if this latest model HTC one has an internet pass-through connection. HTC one X has been mentioned several times in some blog sites about it’s internet pass-thru, so I presumed it has one. But nothing has been mentioned about HTC one.
    Pls help ^_^

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