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How to convert videos,extract audio from video in a Android Device (No PC Needed)


We often have the requirement of converting our videos from one format to some another,or crop a section from video or extract audio from video,reduce the size of video for sending it as a mms and other purposes.So for this particular we have found an app that is capable of performing all these operations.so now you need not to ioen your PC for converting the videos and you can do it right from your android phone thereby saving a lot of time.

The app we are talking about is Video Converter Android  and you can download it from link given below

Download Here:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=roman10.media.converter&hl=en

Step by Step Procedure:-

1.Download and install the app from the link given

2.Run the app and the app will detect the best codec for your device ,install it

video converter install codec

3.Now touch the video search button which will search all the videos from the phone

search video

4.Now select the desired video which you want to convert and hit convert
select video

5.In the convert menu you need to choose

Profile : Default,Reduce Size,Keep Quality,Manual, Audio Only,

Save to: Location where you want to save the video

STime : Start Time of video

ETime : Ending of the Video


6.After choosing your preferences,hit convert and your video will be converted




Drop some comments about your experience and if you are facing any problems , Do let us know


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