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How to get LED notification even if there is no notification light

Notifications are quite important in the Android phones and are very helpful but what if your device does not have any notification light from the manufacturer like its provided in Samsung Galaxy S III and you have to unlock your device everytime you need to see any new notifications.Here is an awesome solution for those users who does not have a notification light


Step1: you need to download this applicaiton:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.led.notify

Step2:Run this application and you will see a lot of options and you can select custoomization options like selecting colors for wach function and even select icon for notifications

In themes option you can see some of the presinstalled themes.More over you can also download more themes from this link:http://www.devasque.com/noled/themes.php

Step3: Now you can know if any new notifications on your phone without even touching the device.

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  1. My mom saw my android tablet and she didnt know what it was. Because of this, she hid it. I finally found it a few days ago and noticed it’s out of battery. I plugged it in and the screen flash and quickly shut off again. After a while, the light started to blink… in blue. I tried to turnit on again but again, the screen flashed and shut off. The light just stayed blue. I’ve been charging it for 3 day now and it still won’t turn on. Do you know what is wrong with it and what do I do?

  2. ive got a blackberry curve and this has never happened until today!

    the LED is flashing blue, even tho my bluetooth is off, i have no notification from anything. I have tried to re-boot the phone several times but its not stopping, and its doing my head in, please can someone help?

  3. My Blackberry Storm has the red message led blinking…and I don’t have a new message…any thoughts on how to turn it off?

  4. I have tried going to options and turning the LED option off and I have taken out the battery, but the LED light is still flashing red. It’s kind of annoying especially when there is no notification and just flashes all the time. Please help! …..Thanks!

  5. I have a Blackberry Pearl and when I get a text message and I haven’t read it yet, there’s a spot where a red light blinks until I read the text message.

    Five minutes ago, my phone vibrated twice as if I got a text, and started blinking this red light. However, no text!

    I tried getting a friend to text me, so maybe looking at that text would stop the light, but that didn’t work. Neither did turning my phone off and on.

    What do I do?! This red light is really bugging me!

  6. Is it also possible to change the highlight color from orange to another color?

  7. I recently bought a samsung indulge but the led light on the front doesnt work. How do i get that to work.

  8. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I just noticed a few minutes ago that my LED notification light (red blinking light), isn’t working on my blackberry. I tried changing the settings on my phone, but all I have change is the LED coverage, which makes the light blink red. It won’t blink when I get new messages! What can I do to fix this?
    It’s really annoying, please help?

  9. A few of my friends have an app on their phone and you can set a certain colour to a certain contact so it flashes red, blue, green, pink, purple, instead of the notification colour.
    Anyone know what this app is called? Thanks in advance!
    Oh, and where can I download it? I have Sony Ericsson xperia mini :)

  10. I just got the iPhone 5 but one of the things I loved about my old phone was that when I got a text message a green light would flash on the top corner of my screen telling me I have a text message or misses call or something… Does that makes sense?? Lol anyways can and iPhone 5 be set to so that, and if so, how?

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