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How to get scrolling wallpaper on homescreen

How to get scrolling wallpaper on homescreen Samsung Galaxy or any other phone

Samsung removed the scrolling wallpaper in TouchWiz versions of Galaxy S3 ,S4 and all new latest models.for those users who want to get back the scrolling wallpaper, here is a way:

All you have to do is just download this small app : Landscape Wallpaper

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  2. Hey, got my S3 2 days ago. I went into vodafone any time I could to go on the demo S3 until I got mine I was so excited. Anyway, upgraded my contact and got the S3 2 days, was super smooth and slick from the quad core power inside, and was really happy with it. Its now Sunday and I’m already noticing small slow down issues, such as scrolling through Don’t be! I’m gonna try it again anyway:) I want too.. honestly I reaaaally want to love it!;)<3 home screens or low frames per second on games. I am not an idiot when it comes to tech but I can't work out why this is. The 1.4mhz quad core proccesor should be powering through everything I can through at it. Also, when on an app and I go to the home, all the apps and Widgets aren't there for a few seconds. I only have about 3 Widgets as I know these slow stuff down good. Adding to that I'm getting about 150- 250mb of ram at the most! And there is about 600mb being wasted on bloatware. I always clear ram and kill apps using the task manager. I have used after market task managers and ram boosters and did nothing, I unistalled these. A phone 2 days old with about 6 after market apps shouldn't slow down this bad. I couldn't fault this phone when I first got it. Starting to think again now. Why are these problems? How can I fix them? And, mainly, will Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean address these issues? I really don't want to be dissapointed with this amazing phone. If these will persist I will probably root, and over clock my device.Thanks.

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