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How to increase battery backup of your Android

.Look into your phone and see what consumes battery the most

For  this go to Android Setting> About Phone> Battery Use.Android will give you the list of operations with their battery comsumption.Now from this list you can figure out what operations can be turned off to save battery.

Battery consumption detail

2.Shift to 2G network

If you don’t have any access to a 3G or 4G network ,then turn it off on your device.For this Go to Settings>Mobile Networks>Select GSM only.Also keep your WiFi to off when not in use.

Use 2G to save battery

3.Set Brightness to minimum

Phone’s screen consumes the maximum percentage of battery.So if you shift the brightness of you  phone to minimum then a lot of battery can be saved.For this Go to Settings>My Device>Display>Brightness

Set Screen brightness to minium to save battery


4.If you have AMOLED Screen in your device use Black Wallpaper

AMOLED(active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen technology,mostly found on Samsung devices has the capability of completely turning off the pixel when there is black content to display.Please note you have to use completely black wallpaper,dark wallpapers won’t work.If you want you can download one from this link:Black Wallpaper

Use black wallpaper for amoled screen

5.Set Screen Time Out to minimum (as required)

Once again decreasing the screen timeout to minimum will eventualy increase the battery backup.For this go to Settings>My Device>Display>Screen timeout

Set Screen time out to minimum to save battery

6.Turnoff unnecessary wireless adapters

If you are not using Bluetooth or Wifi or GPS then turn them off to save the battery.For this go to Setting>Connection Manager

turn of wifi & bluetooth to save battery

7.Use minimum number of widgets your homescreen

Use only requred number of widgets on your homescreen and remove all the unnecessary ones to save the battery

8.Use Powersaving Mode

When you are outside and don’t have access to do any charging .Turn on the Power Saving Mode

Save Battery-Powersaving

8.Use Power Screen Widget to manage your battery consumption

You can use a power screen widget to control brightness,turn on/off :wifi,Bluetooth,gps,powersaving mode etc.One of such efficient widget is Power Toggles

9.Don’t forget to kill unused application

Always kill the application which are not being used,as they will consume more battery and also decrease the performance of your device

Kill Apps save battery

10.Do not use Live Wallpapers

Avoid using Live Wallpapers if you are not much fond of them as they comsume a lot of battery.A static wallpaper will consume much less battery than a Live wallpaper

Don't use live wallpapers


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