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How to run an android application on PC


If you don’t have an Android device but you still want to run an android app or game on your pc then you are at the right place.We will provide you the eariest way to run any android app on your pc.We find that there is a software named BlueStacks which loaded a whole emulator of android on your pc and after that you can use this software just like an android device, Isn’t it amazing?

You can download BlueStacks from the link given below

For Windows: http://bit.ly/bstkdnldpage

For Mac/OS: http://bit.ly/bstkmacbe

Step by Step Procedure:-

1.Download the setup from above link and install it to your pc

2.After that run BlueStacks you will see home screen

3.In the search box,type in the apps you want to download

4.After installing the game or app you can run it on pc ,enjoy

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