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Nexus 5 and 7 available on PlayStore for India and Hong Kong

Good news for people of India and Hong Kong as LG Nexus 5 and ASUS Nexus 7 are now available for online purchase in the Google Playstore.Moreover the Nexus wireless charger is also made available in US and Canada.This information came from official google+ account of Nexus

For India,the Nexus 5 is available at a price of Rs 28,999 for 16GB and 32,999 for 32 GB.On the other side the Nexus 7 is priced at Rs.20,999 for 16GB and Rs.23,999 for 32GB.The exclusive LTE version with 32GB is also availabe for an amount of Rs.27,999

For Hong Kong, the Nexus 5 is priced at HK$3,198 for 16GB and HK3,588 for 32GB.And Nexus 7 is priced at HK$2,398  and HK$2,798  for 16 and 32 GB respectively



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  1. I’m going on a short trip to Hong Kong for just 3 days. Anyone got any recommendations for any “must visit” spots in Hong Kong? If so, don’t mind and explain why it is a “must visit” spot.
    My accomodation is at Tung Chung.

  2. i need help on the hong kong hystory nd the hong kong culture!!!!!! id u people can help me i wud be so happy i barly know anithing nd i have to turn an asay i dont really know about the place so plz help me

  3. My company is relocating me to either Mumbai or Hong Kong. I speak fluent Hindu and Cantonese. I like a clean city. I have been to both and i like each city equally. I know each city has its ups and downs like i know their are some slums in Mumbai and i can also say the same with Hong Kong. Which city would you prefer?

  4. whites are not the only racists

    I mean it’s a dictatorship. How could Hong Kong people think it would be any better?

  5. Can you find passionflower in Hong Kong?
    I am looking for passionflower, Acacia, wild lettuce, kava, catnip and chamomile.
    Where can I fid these specifically?

  6. Hey. Im planning a trip to Hong Kong probably in the beginning of July. Is shopping expensive over there in malls? Any recommendations?

    How much (price range) does a knee length dress or shirts cost in Hong Kong?

    Do you get good bargains in the markets?

    Thanks. Will vote for best answer.

  7. I will spend my Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. Any recommendation for hotel?

  8. hi

    can you please give me a list of hotels that are good for hong kong?

    It is for a honeymoon, however we don’t have a lot of money to spend :(


  9. Can someone give me a detailed time (in their own words) of how Hong Kong ever came to be in British hands? What did China agree upon to get Hong Kong from the British?

  10. What are birth rights of children born to legally immigrated parents in Hong Kong?
    Can he have Hong Kong passport ? Can he have permanent right to abode ? what other rights it may have

  11. We will be traveling this year from San Francisco to Manila, with a layover in Hong Kong.
    We are trying to plan everything correctly and I need a little help.
    We leave SFO to HKG at midnight December 25/26 and its a 14 hour flight. Would we be in Hong Kong December 27 at 3pm in the afternoon, right?
    They are 15 hours ahead. So I am trying to calculate the travel time and the real time there.
    Any and all suggestions are appreciated! thanks!
    Any tips for being in Hong Kong, or Manila or Borocay too!!

  12. also, why did the Qin Dynasty settle in Hong Kong first?

  13. 10 years more after the handover, how much of Hong Kong’s population has accepted PRC ?
    What’s hong kong people’s view towards the motherland ?

    Old Hong Kong better or the Hong Kong now ?
    woww… what an insight heard fresh from the locals. thankyou Freely.

  14. why is hong kong so important on a global scale?
    Who controlled the Hong Kong Government before 1839?
    What event took place between 1839 and1842?
    What happened on 29 August 1842?
    Who controlled HKG after 1842?

  15. I always thought it was part of china, but if someone is from hong kong it will never say “china” it says hong kong. so is it a country? or city?

  16. My girlfriend and I are going on holiday to Hong Kong next month. Looking for some ideas of things to do and places to see, best nightlife spots and anything else people can come up with. Thanks.

  17. Could anyone give information on staying in a reasonable place for two weeks in Hong Kong Island ?

  18. I would like exchange from Australian dollars to Kong Hong dollors or other currancy.

  19. which is the best universities in hong kong…
    i just want to know only 5 to 10 universities?

  20. Gf’s going to Hong Kong here real soon and I’m trying to create a list of things she can get me. Any recommendations? I really want a camera while she is there? Any sites that can help me? Thanks guys.

  21. What do you think? Do you own the LG or the NEXUS 5 ? How big is the difference between cameras? Are you satisfied with your lg/nexus? Are they fast enough?

  22. Does Hong Kong belong to the People’s Republic of China or the HKSAR??

  23. Can someone please explain the politics in Hong Kong in relation to China.
    What does China view Hong Kong as? Is it it’s own nation? What’s the difference? What is the history behind Hong Kong?

  24. Does Hong Kong have it’s own government? if so what kind of government? I know China’s government system is communist, is Hong Kong Communist too? Is there more freedom in Hong Kong? I heard Google is moving it’s headquarter to Hong Kong because of some issues? Thank!

  25. hi all,
    my german boyfriend and i are planning to get married in Hong Kong this year.
    i’m a filipina.
    i want to know if our marriage in Hong Kong will be valid and recognized in both Germany and Philippines?
    if not, what can we do about it?
    thanks a lot!

  26. what is hong kongs capital? is it a part of china?

  27. Hi, so was Hong kong and china once the same land long ago so long ago there was no such word as hong kong but then the land broke up and separated from china so now that missing part of china is now known as hong kong. Along with Macau. Am I right? Thanks ^^

  28. Why does Hong Kong and Macau celebrate The National Day of the People’s Republic of China?

    and another question why is Hong Kong and Macau SEPERATE from China? explain?? 10 points!

  29. Does anyone remember the Hong Kong flu back in the 50′s and if you had it what do you remember? I remember going through a whole roll of TP in 1 hour from runny nose and watering eyes. Never heard of anyone else ever having it.

  30. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I am visiting China this summer and will be spending about a day in Shanghai and a day in Hong Kong. I am visiting Shanghai at the beginning of the trip and Hong Kong at the end. I like getting knock-offs that are super cheap and that you can bargain for. When I was in Beijing I went to the Silk Market where they had tons of floors of cheap things and I am wondering where the best places are to shop in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    Also, for shopping, is Shanghai better or Hong Kong? And does American currency go farther in Hong Kong or in mainland China?


  31. I read somewhere that Hong Kong meant something but what does it mean?

  32. EzioAuditore1459

    My dad said i can apply for citzenship or something cause he was born in Hong Kong, but i cant decide, Hong Kong/ Or The US?

  33. If so state your source o_o
    oh and where does hong kong get it’s food anyway?

  34. I am relocating to HKG soon. I have a pre KG class going kid. When I relocate to HKG, is there any indian school where I can put her for LKG in hong kong?

    If not how different the hong kong international school’s eduction / syllabus compared to Indian international schools? Will I be able to put kid in Indian internation schools when I come back to India? Please advice.

  35. How much impact does a bachelor-s degree from a top university in Hong Kong have on a resume? I mean does it have same reputation as American or British? Can I get a decent job anywhere with that degree?

  36. my family and i are going to hong kong for the weekend, i’ve been there before, but all we did was visit relatives the entire trip, i want this time to be different.
    what are the must go to places in hong kong.

  37. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Can you drive from China to Hong Kong or is it a separate island/land??
    Is it part of the china nation?


  38. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    hi i want to have hong kong food but i dont wat the super pricy stuff for foriegners i want the local cheaper food that is what the hong kog people love!

    all answers apppriciated !! :D

  39. when and how did hong kong get their independence from the british???

  40. i wanted to know about the price of things and services in hong kong? for example food, taxi, metro, hotels and…..i have heard that for example water is very expensive there.is it right?

  41. I already own the HTC one so is it worth trading this in?

  42. does anyone know if hong kong has been renamed?

    one of my teachers was looking on his new map, and said he couldnt find it, and had heard something about it being renamed?

    so he told me to look it up cause he kept forgetting.

    anyone know?

  43. Any great things to do at Hong Kong International Airport which is either low-cost or free?

  44. i was just wondering what country Hong Kong is in. Japan?? China??? its own country???!

  45. I need to book a three star hotel next to the closest shopping mall in Hong Kong

  46. Like in Yahoo Answers it has a section for China and one for Hong Kong.Yes it has its own government,but it is part of China.When people go on holiday,they always say i’m going to Hong Kong,but when they are going to Beijing,they say I’m going to China.In Apple’s new keynote,they labeled Hong Kong as a country? Why? Do people know that it is a part of China as is Macao?

  47. 1. What are good areas to live in Hong Kong? (myself i like places that have artistic feel, where there are different people living nearby)
    2. What are the shopping areas of Hong Kong?
    3. Entertainment areas of Hong Kong? (theatre, dancing, music venues, etc.)


  48. I plan on going to Hong Kong this later this year or in the beginning of the next. Are there any things i should mind or look after?

  49. I am in love with Asian culture and would love to study abroad in Hong Kong. Are there any places there where they enjoy Americans and dont look at them as annoying tourists. I recently got ack from pattaya thailand and would love to find a similar place but without the drugs and std’s etc. Not to say I wouldnt like a place where the girls are numerous and exciting. Does hong kong have what I am looking for? (please only answer if you have been and understand)

  50. Im going to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai plus Hong Kong. How much cheaper are the stuff in the mainland?

  51. I ordered a small waxing kit on eBay from hong kong to Australia Victoria. How long would it take to get here?

  52. Looking for a beach holiday in Hong Kong – are there any clean swimable and safe beaches there?

  53. Are they really THAT similiar? I’m going on a trip to Hong Kong and Singapore…I tryed to change Singapore to Bangkok. I keep hearing these two places are very similiar, but hong kong is much more lively and Singapore lacks it’s own culture. I also hear that neither offer that much as far as major site seeing/historic sites and only offer shopping and food, therefore they can become boring past one weeks stay. Is this true? Will I not a feel a great contrast when I’m in these cities? Also, whats the nightlife like in these cities? thanks!

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