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PicsArt is where everybody becomes an excellent artist! it’s the foremost fashionable free mobile photograph editor with over eighty million installs, one in all the quickest growing photograph artists’ social networks and largest galleries of design.

It’s  a stunning that an app with a additional advanced feature set has truly done so well on mobile”

PicsArt could be a free photograph editor, photograph grid and collage maker, drawing tool and movie art network. it’s like an all-in-one assortment of multiple editors:

PicsArt Collage Maker permits to make superb collages, random photograph grid, morpheme collage maker, or placing photos on backgrounds. it’s all in one the foremost powerful photograph grid and  collage creating tools in the market.

PicsArt photograph Editor provides a lot of photograph that manipulations that facilitates special effects, textual effects, amazing boders,cropping and color manipulation etc

PicsArt Effects square measure impressive creative photograph effects like carntoonist , a artist, or a painting, paper impact and more! It permits you to use effects to image treatment brush mode, once artists can do management and its a abundant way of the having an amazing impact on to a picture.

PicsArt photograph ,Camera provides you an image,then preview and apply photograph live effects by extending your customary camera.

PicsArt Drawing Tool provides facinating image options. PicsArt Draw allows you to includes layers and therefore the ability to cover, setting up order, or merging of layers.

The new PicsArt DrawCam feature facilitates user to combine the camera with amazing effects, photograph red action and layers.

This app also support Tablet devices


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  1. everythingisgonnabefine

    I have PicsArt on my Android fone, but I need one for my new ipod touch and I dnt know of any?

  2. Does anyone know what app people use to make those flower crown edits? And those little heart that has words like ‘can u not’
    Like the ones in the links below?



    Flower crowns:

    Welp. I badly want to know how. Help appreciated.

    I’ve tried apps like papelook, picsart, photogrid and piccollage
    But they weren’t exactly what I was reffering to.
    And if it’s photoshop, please, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, OH MASTERS. >.<
    Thank you in advance :3

  3. I want to combine a picture with frontground (if thats the technical term) of an autograph, but i dont know of a good app that can do this. If anyone has an idea it’d be greatly appreciated.

  4. So i have hair in my face & i dont know what is the best way to remove it . Should i shave it off or what ?

  5. My mom won it at an auction. It works perfect. Only one thing, It was battery powered but now it only works when its plugged in. Other than that it works perfect. Its an AM radio i believe and it says Motorola on it. I cant find it anywhere online.


  6. I”ve been trying to figure this out forever now and i’m getting nothing, i’m looking for an app that can make an edit like this:


    I have superimpose, picsart, and all of those apps but i just don’t know how to make one of those really good overlays/transparents like I draw out the picture on paper and I edit it on superimpose but how do you add color to it and with what app if someone could explain step by step that would be great, thanks :)

  7. I’ve done it before but I forgot, how do you make a picture on PICSART change the transperancy

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