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One of the most efficient app for viewing and edit the office files like doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, txt etc and also for viewing pdf files.

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 Polaris office

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  1. I have Polaris Office on my HTC EVO 3D and i have no idea what it does and I wanna delete the data cache but i don’t wanna accidently cause other apps to crash. What does this app do?

  2. My options are Asus Eee Pad, Acer Iconia Tab, LG Optimus Tab, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom. I’m looking for good specs on video, speed, battery life…

  3. I am looking for a good tablet PC for a Christmas gift (I need to tell my parents before November).

    Here are the requirements I need:

    - HD display
    - At least 10″
    - Ability to play HD movies in lots of different formats including MKV.
    - Must be able to connect to home network. (Stream media from other PC)
    - Must have headphone, USB and SD ports.
    - UNDER £300

    Also, Will the prices drop just before Christmas or should I just ask for the money and go buy one after Christmas in the sales?

  4. Alright so I have been looking around and I want to purchase a tablet for on the go notes, papers, and presentations. I’ve heard that on some tablets you can install polaris office, open office, and some other apps. Which tablets come with these apps installed or which tablets can I download these apps too?
    I also want something with a camera and maybe like an extra accessory which I can connect a USB to (if possible. If not then I can just email my saved docs right?) I am a college student who is currently commuting so I need something that is light weight and reliable.
    I need suggestions!

  5. I recently bought a samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet and one of the features is Polaris office. So i went online to register an account and every time I type in my email it says wrong email, I tried to use an alternative email of mine and it’s the same result. please help.

  6. I have Polaris Office on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet and I wrote a document on there and saved it to dropbox so that I could access it on my computer and school computers. When I try and open this document in anything besides polaris office (microsoft Office, Kingsoft Office – another office app on my tablet) the words are being cut in half between lines. It lo
    ooks like t
    his. why aren’t the words staying together and just continuing onto the next line instead of splitting in two. How can I fix this? My device will only print to Samsung printers and neither I nor the school has a samsung printer so i need to access my document on a computer which opens the document in word. Thanks

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