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Samsung Galaxy J officially released in Japan

As revealed by the sources ,a new flagship Galaxy J, enters the family of Samsung’s Galaxy with the official release by a Japan’s DoCoMo carrier.However this phone is available in Taiwan only but it seems it will be widely released very soon.

Samsung Galaxy J Released

The new Samsung Galaxy J launched

The new amazing Samsung Galaxy J is packed with Qualcomm’s latest chipset i.e.Snapdragon 800,a 3GB RAM and a 5 inches( Full HD Super AMOLED) display.The phone is available in pink,blue and white.The Galaxy J looks like a mixture of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3,which will certainly attract a lot of people.

Rumours are there that this phone might be available to only Japan and Taiwan,but currently it looks like Samsung will provide it to other distributors  also.Samsung is presently holds the biggest market share for smartphones and with this another high end smartphone it surely keeping a strong ground in the market.



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    Hey thure (:

    Im 14 and am getting a new phone for christmas….
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    I was wondering if anyone could help me with my decision – by telling me some of the bad
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    THANK YOU (:

  37. I don’t know wich one should I buy. They are both the same,except the Samsung Caliber is the newest touchscreen phone. Wich one is better?

    Samsung Finesse: http://www.metropoliswirelessllc.com/images/finesse.jpg

    Samsung Finesse Phone Details: MetroNavigator capable
    Touch screen with virtual QWERTY keypad
    2.0 megapixel camera with video capture
    MP3 music player MP3 music player

    Samsung Caliber:http://www.technotalks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Samsung-Caliber.jpg
    Samsung Caliber: 3.0 MP camera

    wich one should I choose?
    @Marika Thanks! Yea,I do love taking pictures but also browsing web,text,aim,record videos,and listen to songs on phone.

  38. So I want to buy the new smarwatch from samsung and connect it to my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s2 . Can I? And if I can how EXACTLY do I connect it or update or whatever the steps might be. And If I cant yet …do you know exactly what day I can? Thank you

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