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Tennis in the Face

Here comes an awesome Physics based game from 10tons with over 1000 levels to smash away you enimies with the tennis ball.Download and have fun

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  1. This is for a science class. We need to make a bottle rocket with a tennis ball in it. A parachute needs to be attached to the tennis ball and when the rocket launches the tennis ball needs to be released and floated safely down by the parachute. Please explain this to me like I’m a second grader because bottle rockets are probably the thing I am worst at in Science.

  2. Why are the matches only to 3 sets in women’s tennis where they are 5 in men’s?
    Why are they separated to begin with? Is it only because men are supposed to be stronger and have faster shots?

    Side question: If men and women played in the same league, what ranking do you think the top female players would be?

  3. What I mean is which face has been the most clean wrestler of all time? Always or nearly always winning clean.

    Which face has been the dirtiest of all time? Winning dirty nearly every time?

  4. I really want to try out for the tennis team next spring, but I don’t have access to a court nearby, and I don’t have a wall that I can hit a ball against? Are there any other ways that I can practice? Thanks!

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