Australia Covid live update: 2 million in western Sydney face tougher lockdown as some construction resumes | Australia news


Well, as the circumstances have changed, so has the response. And what we’ve seen yesterday was an announcement by the premier of New South Wales that they were extending their lockdown for another month. That required increased support and we did so, both on the household assistance side as well as the business support side.

So the household assistance, as you say, is increased from $600 to $750 a week if you’ve lost 20 hours or more of work. And from $375 to $450 a week if you have lost under 20 hours of work. And more than eight hours of work.

In the case of business support, we’ve increased the threshold for businesses that are now eligible from $50 million of annual turnover to $250 million. And we’ve increased the amount that businesses can receive from a maximum of $10,000 a week to now a maximum of $100,000 a week.

So a substantial increase in the economic support flowing to New South Wales as well as a bilateral agreement with Victoria for a new $400 million economic support fund for small and medium-sized businesses.