Best Anniversary Wishes & Messages for Girlfriend


Last Updated:13th December, 2020

Falling in love is easy but staying in love with the same person is difficult. And if someone does it means that two souls are made for each other. Anniversary is the celebration of the day when two hearts met and shared their deep feeling for each other. It is the perfect occasion to refresh your love. If you want to let your girl know how much you love her, send her some lovely love messages. Use our anniversary wishes for girlfriend to find a heart-touching message.

  • It’s been one year we met, let celebrate our first anniversary. Together we would do the best. Love you, sweetheart!

  • From the time, we have been together, we are prospering. I think we should take our relationship to the next level. Don’t you think, starting it from our meeting anniversary would be great?

  • Happy anniversary sweetheart for completing another year of togetherness.

  • Celebrating togetherness with you has another level of delightfulness. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

  • I have always wondered would I be able to settle on one girl but definitely you are the sweetest person to spend the whole life with. Happy anniversary.

  • God has gifted an amazing gift when your parents gave birth to you. Happy us and happy anniversary girlfriend.

  • It’s finally a day to celebrate only and only us, you are the feeling I would always want to have. Happiest anniversary love!

  • Wishing you all the happy moments but with me and loads of love but from m. Happy anniversary girlfriend. Love you!

  • To the most annoying woman of my life yet the best one to celebrate my entire life with, happy anniversary girl. I love you!

  • I like you the way you move baby oh the dance moves, to the best partner I prayed for, happy anniversary girlfriend. Loads of love!

  • I thought of sharing my life with you for this life but I guess I will choose for another seven lives as well. Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary to the wonder woman of my life and thanks to change my world upside down, I love you. Happy Anniversary!

  • Hide me within your arms, I want to get vanish in your love eternally. Happy anniversary love.

  • I love you and will keep loving you. You are my biggest asset that I never want to lose.

  • Wishing a very happy anniversary to the woman who has made my life so wonderful.

  • My life was so colourless and bland, but then you came and filled it with vibrant colours. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

  • It is because of you that my life is meaningful. Happy anniversary, honey!

  • If there is any one I desperately want in my life it is you honey. Happy anniversary!

  • To me it doesn’t matter how the past has been, what matter to me — we are together and happily living. Happy anniversary!

  • When I see, bells start ringing in my ears, my heartbeat increases tremendously and I become the best of me. And this is still, happy 3rd anniversary!

  • There is only one person who can bring out the best from me. And the person is you my love. Happy anniversary of our two year old love.

  • When you are in my present, I know my future is lovely and well planned. Happy second anniversary.

  • I am planning to give a new definition to our love relationship, this anniversary and celebrate marriage anniversary next year. What’s your call on this?

  • Happy love anniversary to you dear. I want to hold your hand forever and live rest of my life under your shadow.

  • After our first meet, I have started forgetting everything. You have brought the sweet blur in life and it has taken away my peace, comfort and loneliness.

  • After having your love in my life, I have started behaving differently and people are saying I have become a better version of myself.

  • Today our love has become one year old. On this occasion, I want to shout loud and tell this world, I love you.

  • We are bond soulfully, this is the reason wherever I go people start asking about you and the same happens with you too.

3rd Anniversary Message for Girlfriend

3rd Anniversary Message for Girlfriend

Every anniversary is important as it strengthens the bonding and makes love stronger. And therefore, it requires a celebration. Now, when you are celebrating 3rd year of your anniversary, send ardent anniversary message to girlfriend. We have an assemblage of 3rd- anniversary message for girlfriend and anniversary wishes for girlfriend that you can send.

  • Three years is a long time to know each other, but your love is still a mystery for me. How come you love me so much.

  • On our third love anniversary all I can say to express my love is, ILU, Mai tumsepyarkartahoon, je t’aime, teamo, ichliebedich.

  • Happy third anniversary dear love, keep blooming under the shadow of my love. I will take all ur pains and will shower love in return.

  • I am the one whom you can trust blindly. I can do anything for you. I loved, love you and will always love you.

  • We are together for three years, let’s give a new definition to our love life. Happy love anniversary!

2nd Anniversary Message for Girlfriend

Your love is growing and becoming mature. You are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of your relation, Congratulation. Nurture your love carefully and celebrate the day, fervently, enjoy the heart-to-heart talk and impress your girl in different ways. Check our 2nd- anniversary message for your girlfriend and anniversary wishes for girlfriend for help.

  • Being with me is not easy, but you stayed in my life for two years without any complaint and regret. I Love You!

  • ILU and I know you love me too. We are made for each other, lets give a new definition to our relation. Happy second anniversary to our love!

  • You love me or hate me, but my love for you will never fade away. Its my commitment to you. Happy second anniversary babe!

  • Every relation has ups and downs and I’m glad we hold each other firmly. You can look for my support anytime. Happy anniversary!

  • To be in love with you is a prestige for me. You have made my life heaven by accepting my proposal and becoming my girlfriend.

Anniversary Message for Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship

Anniversary Message for Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship

Send sweet messages to your love living far away from you to make her feel you are still close to her and want to hold her around your arms. Our Anniversary Message for Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship and anniversary wishes for girlfriend will help you to epitomize the same feeling.

  • See if we can a happy couple even after staying away, what chemistry we are going to have when we will be together.

  • Distance has separated just our bodies. Our heart is still united and beats together. Happy anniversary my love!

  • Sometime I miss you so much that I want to call you back here, but then I realize it’s important 4u. love you, happy anniversary!

  • What shall I send you as our love anniversary gift, shall I ask courier companies to wrap me and deliver the package to you?

  • You are the queen of heart, body, soul and mind, no matter where are you. Happy love anniversary, I miss you a lot.

Long Anniversary Messages for Him

Long Anniversary Messages for Him

When two hearts melt for each other, no one remains more or less important. It is not always the boys’ responsibility to impress her love, it’s yours as well. When you are celebrating the anniversary of your love don’t hesitate in sending love messages, check our long anniversary messages for him along with the anniversary for girlfriend for help.

  • Its 365 days and we are still together, last year also this surprised us and now it’s the second year. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

  • This is the first anniversary we are celebrating and I want to celebrate many anniversaries with you and in your arms.

  • No matter what, my love for you will never last. The intensity, dedication, care will remain the same. Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary to you dear, you are my love and I can do anything to keep you my near.

  • Happy anniversary, sweetheart! You are neither my girlfriend nor my partner. UR my soulmate I can die 4u.

5th Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

5th Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

If you are celebrating 5th love anniversary you both would have become one soul. So, no need to wait who wish the first. Take the first chance and send lovely anniversary quotes to your girlfriend. Our collection of 5th Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend will help you get a nice pick for the day. We also have an impressive list of anniversary wishes for girlfriend.

  • Romantic hugs, intense gaze and cute cuddles – in five years of our love relation everything has doubled.

  • You the rhyme of my poem, you are an inspiration. You make me alive, you are my love life. Happy 5th anniversary!

  • People say we are too young to celebrate fifth anniversary, but I have set goal to celebrate our 100th anniversary, so I started early.

  • The perfect hues of your love has made me to bestow my head in-front of you. I love you and want to stay with you forever.

  • Since the day you have come in life, I have started forgetting things. See, I forget its been five years we are together. Happy anniversary!

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