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Birthday Messages for Husband, Wishes & Quotes

Birthday Messages for Husband: Wishing a Happy Birthday to the love of your life, king of your heart
and man of your dreams is not easy at all. Birthday wishes for a
utterly mesmerizing Husband should be romantic, cheesy, simple and
most important it should be heartfelt. A husband is your friend, your
keeper and also your best half, so it becomes necessary to fetch the
best wishes for the best man.
If you are unable to compose a wonderful
message for him then worry not! We have an awesome collection of
wonderful heartfelt messages, quotes and images that are surely going
to make his day memorable. All these are free of cost, so you can
directly share them directly on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and
pinterest and make the birthday of your hubby really special.

On your birthday, I wanna thanks your Mom for gifting such an incredible life partner. Only a few fortunate owns it. Lucky me! Happy Birthday!
Holding your hand, I have come a long way. But when I look behind, it feels, we have started just yesterday. Love you dear husband. Live long-long life, happy birthday!
Life is unpredictable, but one thing would remain inevitable in your life, that is I would love you the same way till my last breath. Happy Birthday, my Love!
My love and affection would always be there to cheer you up. Happy Birthday, dear hubby!
You can always count upon my love, no matter what. Happy birthday to you my hubby! Ur my sweetheart!

Sugar is sweet but you are sweeter than it, flowers are pretty, ur preetier than them. Boys are handsome, Ur most among all of them. Happy Birthday, my Love!
I might have deserved a better husband, but I’m proud that I’m a wife of the world’s most caring man. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Money, appearance, status, luxury, everything is worthless in front of a successful marriage. You have contributed a lot for this. Thanks for all support and love, my sweetheart. Wish you Happy Birthday, with a kiss.
Your presence has made my life colourful. Wish you, happy birthday, my handsome.
I couldn’t imagine living a day without you. Our rapport is so beautiful. Keep smiling, sweetheart, Happy Birthday!
If possible I would hug you all day and tell you how much I love you and care for you. Happy birthday husband!
To the man who laughs like a child, chases his dreams like a panther, cares and guards his family like a soldier. Wishing you a very happy birthday darling husband!
You have always worked to make my dreams come true. You have always loved me like there is no tomorrow. Today let me what I can give you since it is your birthday!
Waking up beside you, seeing your baby-like face makes my day. I wish to wake up the same for the rest of my life.
Marrying you has given me a new dimension of life. Lucky to be your wife. Wishing you happy birthday!  
I don’t know how to put this but you are the most amazing person in my life. Happy birthday dear husband!  
How do you carry that magical smile all day long? I’m so cool and calm when around you. Your aura is mystical. Happy birthday love!
There is nowhere else I would be other than in your heart. You make me happy and cheerful. Happy birthday honey!  
I pray to the God almighty that all your dreams come true. All your prayers are answered. Stay blessed dear husband. Happy birthday!  
Like a beauty pageant, if there would be a husband contest, you would have won all the titles and would be the best husband in the world. Happy birthday soulmate!
May all your dreams come true. May you have success all through your journey of life. Happy birthday love! 
You are my sunshine, my ray of hope, my everything. Happy Birthday my loving Husband. 
Happy Birthday my Handsome Husband. You encourage and inspire me everyday. You are the blessing from above. 
Happy Birthday to a man who plays many roles in my life. You are my best friend, my guide, my lover, my laughter, my everything. 
Happy Birthday darling Husband. With each passing year I’m falling more for you, I love you honey bunch. 
Wishing you a very happy birthday my partner. You make my life colorful with your love and care.
Thank you for being there, for being my constant. Happy birthday my favorite! 
My great love, I pray to God that you always keep smiling and success be yours. Happy birthday my loving Husband. 
After becoming your life partner, I’m living a heavenly life. Happy Birthday, dearest husband. You are the one I want to live all my life. 
Many-many happy returns of the day my sweet husband. You are my superhero.
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband
I’m fortunate that I have you as my husband. On your birthday, I wanna confess that nothing is more important for me than anyone else. Happy Birthday, love!
You have made all my birthdays special. I thank you for all the support and love. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart! 
Holding your hand I vowed that I’ll love you till my last breath and will fulfil all responsibilities of a wife with complete devotion. I’m standing with my promise and love you like nothing else. Happy Birthday dear, husband!
In front of Jesus, you held my hand and kissed me with the promise that you will always stand next to me. You have stood by your promise and I thank you for all the support. Happy Birthday, my love!
Even if the best looking person proposes to me today, I’ll choose you as my husband because of the amount of love you showered on me. I love you, sweetheart, and wish you a Happy Birthday!
No hanky panky, no right and left, I want to tell you straight that you are my love and I wish you Happy Birthday!
I know I’m not as perfect as you, but you have accepted me with all my flaws. Dear hubby, may you live long-long life. Happy birthday to you from your stupid wife.
The flawless person like you deserves a partner like me. Happy birthday sweetheart, you are incredible.
Happy, happy and happy birthday to you, dearest sweetheart. I gave you my heart, the day I saw your cute face.

Lots of wishes to you for your birthday. I have tried to make your day full of celebrations and surprises.
birthday messages for husband
To my everyday man crush, I am blessed to have friend like you, I am happy to have a guide like you, I am thrilled to have husband like you. Happy birthday hubby!
Happy birthday to my first and last love, to the man I have respected the most and I guess I will continue doing it. I love you and wish you the world’s happiness!
May God always bless you with peace, happiness, laughter, and me. Happy birthday to the most handsome husband, I love you! Have a blast on your special day!
Yes, the most charming is my husband, what else could I ask for? I believe that you will achieve everything you want and I will be still beside you, holding you tight! Happy birthday, husband!
Happy birthday to my sweetest husband, I don’t know how my life looks like with you but all I know is you are the best thing ever happened to me. Love you!
With your beautiful surprises hubby you have always made me feel special and today is my turn. I just want to tell you that you are morning and night because you are sunshine. Happy birthday husband!
Happy birthday to the most handsome man in my life, I am so blessed to have you husband darling. May god fulfill all your wishes and dreams!
Wishing you a very happy birthday hubby darling. I wish that every hurdle blows off when you blow the candle and all your wishes come true. Love you!
Well, I wait for another year to celebrate your special day and this time it is super special because this year has been a blast for you husband, happy birthday!
Wishing you a very happy birthday hubby darling, may God bless you with money and power to bear my expenses (kidding) I love you and wish you the best!
The day when you were born and the day you married me was the best days of my life, happiest birthday husband darling. Hope you have a blast by remembering your past!
Happy birthday to my dearest husband, you have always been the most supportive person and I love you for being for me. Thank you for giving all the happiness in the world, I wish the same for you!
Romantic Birthday Message for Husband
When I held your hand for the first time I knew it was going to last forever, couldn’t have asked for more. Happy birthday husband darling, love you so much!
Appreciating every bit and step you take to make your family happy, you are an amazing husband, father and son. Happy birthday hubby! I love you.
Holding you tight in your every fight, wouldn’t ever leave you alone. Happy birthday hubby, you are the one I would always want to have darling! Love you, hugs and kisses!
My love for you is eternal and never ending, I vowed for forever and I am going to make sure it sticks forever. Happy birthday sweetheart, loads of love!
Dearest husband, I would love to dance with you everyday in our beautiful bedroom. You are my favourite touch. Happy birthday hubby!
Loving you is the most beautiful and happiest thing I would ever want. You made my life worth the living with each passing day. Happy birthday husband!
Candles might have increased, people might have decreased but you and I are the favorite bond that I want to hold. Happy birthday husband, I love you!
Happiest birthday to the coolest husband ever, you make my small world big by being it. Love you husband, blessed to have you!
Candles are double now, when we met first. You are growing old too soon too fast. Happiest birthday hubby darling, loads of love!
You support me, you gave me the kind of life I have always wanted. Thank you for being your best. Wishing you happy birthday husband, love you!
My man of life who always supports me in my decisions, who always respect me and motivates me to do better. Happy birthday husband!
The day I married you was the best day of life darling but what’s more best is your birthday when you were born for me. Happy birthday hubby!
Best Birthday Wishes for Husband
Wishing you healthy and wealthy birthday and hope you always find your way to me. Love you honey!
Someone who I admire the most, you complete us darling, I love you! Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Husbands are the perfect ATM for their wives; just kidding rather you are my lucky charm hubby. Happiest birthday darling!
Happy birthday to my world, to the person who gave me wings to fly and supported me every time. I love you hubby!
You are a blessing and my love of life. One second is impossible to live without you. Happy birthday husband, loads of kisses!
To the hero of my children, the best son to their parents, and my one and only husband you are the best! Happiest birthday darling!
In normal days I remain too occupied to tell you how much I love you. But, I don’t miss the opportunity to praise you on your birthday. Dear Hubby, you are the most sought-after husband in the world.
Ours is a perfect marriage and your contribution to attaining this perfection is the most. Happy Birthday to a man who is an ideal husband, son, son-in-law, brother, father and uncle.
When a kind-heart person gets into a relation, that relation outshines all barriers. I’m blessed with a husband of the same kind. Love you and happy birthday dear husband.
All happiness seems to shrivel when you are not around. Have a long life dear husband. May we celebrate many happy birthdays together.
I fell in love with you the day I first saw you. Happy Birthday, Honey!
If there is anyone in this world whom I have loved the most it is you sweetheart. Happy Birthday!
After spending a year with you as your wife I have come to know what soulmate means. Happy Birthday My Love.
Happy Birthday to Mr……… from his Mrs……… Want to see your lovely face every night every morning.
I want to hijack my dearest husband for the whole day. With him, I want to celebrate his birthday at his favourite place, if you don’t mind. Happy Birthday in advance my love.
Each year that passes make me your fan bigger than before and allow me to share how wonderful husband you are.
Dear, thanks for filling with life with tons of joy and happiness. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the most perfect man in the world. Have a great day.
I fell in love with you the day I first saw you. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday my love!
I never thought that I would get such a wonderful husband like you. May your dreams be fulfilled. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
When I wake up in the morning and see your smiling face, I feel blessed. Happy Birthday, Hubby.
Dear hubby, I have you and there is nothing more that I want in my life. Happy Birthday!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the most perfect husband in the world.
The day I met you was the best day of my life. Happy Birthday, dear!
Thanks for filling my life with so much love. Happy Birthday, honey!
Dear hubby, today is a special day and I want to dance with you till my feet ache. Happy Birthday and enjoy the day.
You are my life and my world. I love you, hubby. Happy Birthday!
You are not just an awesome husband, but an excellent friend who has always stood by my side like a rock.
Happy Birthday, Honey!
You are the most precious person in my life.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Dear Husband.
Dear Hubby, you are the most precious person in my life. Love you with all my heart.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dear hubby, what shall I gift you, while thinking this, I realized, oh I’m already the gift for you.
Happy Birthday dear Husband, you are most adorable person in my life. Will love you always.
Let’s celebrate your Birthday in a new way, in your style with all zeal.
Happy Birthday dear Hubby, don’t come late, the party is still not over, we are waiting.
If you want to see your surprise birthday gift, come home soon. Love you.
Dear Hubby, with each passing day, my love for you continue to grow stronger. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and lots of happiness.
Your Birthday brings happiness not only to you but also to me as I got my best half on this day. Love you, darling Husband. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!
I am so happy and blessed to have you as friend, husband, my love, and everything. Happy Birthday my Husband!
Happy Birthday my hubby. You are my soulmate, my world, my best friend- the love of my life. Blessed to have you. Love you!
Your passion, style, wit, humor, kindness is one-of-a-kind. I feel ecstatic and blessed to have you in my life. Happy Birthday my love!
Hey honey, growing old with you is a true pleasure. Have a Beautiful Birthday, have a good health.
The age have added many lines on ur face, and these lines show how close we are now.
You and me are made to live together. Happy Birthday and wish you long years of togetherness.
I have got everything from you, now it’s my turn, you can ask anything from me as ur Birthday gift.

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Husband

As a wife, you know what is the importance of the day your husband landed on this Earth. Well, it is a really special day not just for your husband but for both of you. Men usually don’t like attention but on their special days specifically birthdays they want the most of it. So, if it is the birthday of your husband and you are unaware of how to make him feel special then send him an amazing wish on his birthday. We have a fantastic collection of messages to convey your feelings. Read on and send him a message now.

Sweet Happy Birthday Message for Husband
We are the best mates and with I wanna spend all my life. Stay fit and hit, lots of wishes on your birthday from your wife.
May all great things make their way in your life and we enjoy it together. Happy birthday my love. Smile forever!
Years back your cute smile stole my heart, and I still can’t believe, we were a stranger once. Lots love to my chum on his birthday.
Hubby, husband, friend, companion, ally, partner, soulmate, love, crush, you are all of them. Happy birthday to you, my loving husband!
You are the most wonderful gift of God, I wanna preserve it with all my heart. Always smile my love, happy birthday!
I thank to God everyday for gifting me the most understanding husband. Only you have the ability to handle me with care, no one else. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!
Sweet is the word made for you my husband. Because, you are so-so good. Happy Birthday! Let’s celebrate and cut the cake.
List of things I never wanna do in my life….
Spending days and night without you!
Managing children at home without you
Stop loving you!
Hating you!
And most deadly, sleeping without you!
Happy Birthday, hubby.
You are so cute my love that your cuteness is flowing all over and making everything cute coming in contact with it. Oh, ur so sweet. Happy Birthday to my cute sweetheart!
You are the reason my smile is so big and beautiful. I hope I’m also the same for you. Happy Birthday, Love!
Happy birthday to my super duper, wonderful, charming, humourous, loving and handsome husband.
Every single day you bring a smile to my face. I am so blessed to have as my life partner. Happy birthday loving husband!
Wishing a very happy birthday to the man who is my Prince charming, my comforter and the man I love the most.
I’m thankful I met you. I don’t know what I would be doing if you were not part of my life. Happy birthday handsome!
Through thick and thin, you have always been there by my side. No words are enough to thank you. I will always stand by you dear husband. Happy birthday!
Sharing my life with you was the best decision I made. Your love and support is the most precious gift for me. Happy birthday my love!
You know all my flaws, my past, all my mistakes and my weaknesses. And still you make me feel I’m a perfect woman and love me the same. I’m blessed. Happy birthday honey!
My colleagues ask me as to why there is a sudden smile on my face when at work. How do I tell them that it is my husband in my thoughts that brings a smile on my face? Happy birthday dear!
I am looking forward to making many more happening memories with you. To my soulmate, happy birthday!
To my one and only, a very happy birthday! You are my strength sweetheart. Wishing you good health, happiness and success.
Happy Birthday to the most awesome, loving, caring, humorous, handsome and strong man. Love you to the sun and back.
I thank God for blessing me with you as my lover, my life partner. You are everything I need. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
You are the first person to cross my mind when I have a bad day. You always cheer me up with your love and care. You are more than I could ever ask for or want. Happy Birthday Handsome!
On this special day I would like to let you know what a care, loving and amazing husband you are! Wishing you a long life and a dashing Birthday!
Thank you for always making me smile. You are my superhero. Love you and wishing you an amazing birthday! Missing you hugs and kisses.
You have always cared to make this a happy marriage. I am blessed to have such an amazing human as my husband. Happy Birthday, my love!
Happy birthday dear husband! May you shine like the Sun in my love. And, I’ll keep showering it all through the life.
Happy Birthday to you love. Giving the best gift to you, a tight hug with a soft touch.
Dearest hubby, life could not have been any fun without you. You make me feel complete so thank you for that. Happy birthday handsome hunk, love you!
From college to office, from office to home we were never alone. Happy birthday husband, l love you and I wish that you enjoy your day!
There is no perfect message for my perfect husband ever because you will always be the one who completes me and my family. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!
Strongest, smartest, healthiest, fullest, and most importantly wealthiest. Happy birthday to the man who owns all of these skills. I love you husband!
Happy birthday to my sweetest husband, I don’t know how my life looks like with you but all I know is you are the best thing ever happened to me. Love you!
With your beautiful surprises hubby you have always made me feel special and today is my turn. I just want to tell you that you are morning and night because you are sunshine. Happy birthday husband!
Holding my hands you wish to see the world, and I…….. Just want to be with you always, anywhere. You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday honey.
With lots of love, wish you happy birthday hubby. And with fourfold more love, thanks mother-in-law for sharing your son with me. You are a more amazing husband than a son, darling.
The birthday gift coming to you has big kisses, tight hugs, with lots of love.
You love me, you care for me, you pamper me, you can do anything to make me happy. But you know what, I love you more than you do to me. Lots of love and kisses on your birthday.
To my dearest husband, it’s been a long ride with you for years and years but I wish that apart from this life I always want in many more. Happy birthday to my sweetest husband!
Wishing you a healthy and wealthy birthday. May your pockets are always full of money and blessings and you keep spending them on me. Love you my sweetest husband!
Happiest birthday to the man who made my life adorable and worth living for. To my sweetest husband, I want to eat you one, loads of love! From your one and only.
And one-day god asked me what to give you as a gift and I said a perfect husband and then he gifted me you. Happy birthday my sweetest hubby, I love you! Hugs, kisses and blessings!
To my sweetest darling, you taste like chocolate not literally but you are the thing I always want to have. Happy birthday husband, love of my life!
To my first love, my first man, my forever partner and my craziest darling. I love you and wishing you a very happy birthday!
Cheers to one hell of a year you have complete my dearest husband, wishing healthy, wealthy and happier year ahead. Happy birthday darling, loads of love!
I could not imagine my life without you, you are my soul mate husband. Happiest birthday, wishing you an amazing year ahead!
Happy Birthday to my Lovely Husband. You mean the world to me, and I love you like crazy.
You and me make the perfect pair of any party, let’s celebrate your Birthday together with the same zeal.
Have a rocking day my dear Husband, come home soon to see your girlfriend ready for party.
Dear Hubby, Happy Birthday, you mean the world to me and I’m yours. Love you
Birthday Wishes for Husband for Facebook
Hey sweatheart, Happy Birthday, we are waiting for you to cut the cake and start the party.

Birthday MSG for Husband on Facebook

Facebook gives you the platform to express socially what you feel for your husband. When you have got the best husband in the world why not flaunt it in front of friends and family? Post the best birthday wishes for your husband on Facebook and let him know how important he is in your life.

Birthday MSG for Husband on Facebook
Every day when I open my eyes, I thank God for blessing me such a wonderful life and an exceptional partner. Happy Birthday Love!
When I look at my life, I find no flaw in it. Do you know why? Because every moment of it is full of love that you have showered on me. I feel on top of the world with you. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart. May love in our relationship multiplies year after year.
I wanna do uncountable number of promises with you, walk till the horizon, breath till last, shower love on you all my life. I love you a lot my sweetheart, happy birthday!
Your wife can do anything to make you smile. Happy birthday to you my hero! We all love you a lot!
You are everything for me, all my desires, expectations, dreams have ended at you. And now, I’m excited for a new journey. Love you sweetheart and happy birthday!

I want to treasure every moment I have spent with you, each moment is priceless for me. It’s you who have nurtured our relationship beautifully. Happiest birthday to my loving husband!
Individually, we are strong and independent, but together we are stronger, aligned and ambitious. To my best mate ever, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to the man who has showered so much of happiness in my life that I have forgotten all my pains and sufferings. Love you my sweetheart!
You know what makes our relationship an exemplary. It’s the bonding of understanding, love, care, affection and solace that we share. I wish, you remain the way you are, all your life. Happy Birthday, Love!
It was easier for me to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on a birthday card and give to you. But when you take so much of pain for fulfilling my smallest desire, I had to go to the next level. Lots of wishes to my love on his birthday.
The best part of my life is spending my everyday life with you. You are my source of hope. My handsome husband, happy birthday!
To my rockstar, who is the star of all the parties and gettogether. I’m amazed by the way you make friends with everyone and how you hold everybody’s attention. Happy birthday!

Knowing you and loving you is the best experience of my life. Sailing through this life with you is a blessing. Happy birthday handsome husband!
Not all are blessed like me to marry their soulmates. To my pillow talk partner, happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my lover, my best friend, my secret keeper, my guide, my everything.
Kids and I are blessed to have you in our life. You are a true blessing from above. Happy birthday sweetheart!
I wish to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for you. You are my everything. Happy birthday dear husband!

You are my lucky charm. After you entered my life, life is good to me. To the love of my life, happy birthday!
Today is a perfect day to express my love for you, to tell you that in my life you are most precious. Happy birthday husband!

You are my biggest source of joy and happiness. You have made my life beautiful. Wishing you a happy birthday dear husband!
Let the world know it is my lover, my best friend, my husband’s birthday. Happy birthday, my handsome!
For the most loving, caring and wonderful husband I wish you success and good health on this special day. Happy Birthday Darling!
Today is one more perfect occasion to show you how much I love you. I wish you great health and happiness. Happy Birthday Love!
You are the source of my happiness, joy, laughter. You make my life beautiful. Happy birthday to the most caring life partner.
We have had great memorable moments. I wish to make many more happy memories with you. Happy Birthday Honey! Let’s make today the most memorable day.
To the king of my heart wishing you a very happy birthday! I wish you loads of love, happiness and good health.
Dear husband, you are the biggest thief. You have stolen my heart, soul and the body, and have made me your’s forever. Happy Birthday!
Holding each other hand we vowed we would love and take care of each other in every situation. We would never leave each other no matter what. It’s been five years we are living that promise, and I ascertain you that I’ll live it till my last breath. Love you, and Happy Birthday to you, darling!
You know expressing love in social circle is not my style. But just because it will make you happy on your best day, I’m saying this, I love You, Sweetheart, and wish you a Happy Birthday!
I have received you from God as a gift, that’s why you are soo valued to me. I don’t know you will trust these words or not, but today I’m speaking the truth “I live just for you, and can die too.” Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love You!
It’s not easy to tell you how I feel being your wife, but I’m trying to. Every morning I wake up with a thought, and by evening you turn it into reality. Every day is a new one for me. Every moment is full of love and bliss. Though we have different body and soul, yet I feel that we both are same. Maybe, residing in each other. I love you, and wanna say, Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday my love. You are the person I never want to let go from my life. Have a great day!
And one day I was married to this beautiful man who looked into my eyes and said ‘forever’ and I guess I felt it. Happy birthday, husband!
Marriage is beautiful only if we have the right perfect to cherish it with and I am blessed to have you by my side, happy birthday husband!
It’s amazing to have you because you understand my emotions, respect my feelings, and give me happiness. Happy birthday, my love of life, you are the best!
Every minute, every second I would spend with you. You make my heart laugh, happy birthday husband; wish to call you this forever!
I love you to the moon and back and infinity husband, wishing you a very happy birthday. The best part of my life when you proposed because since then till now I am the happiest.
With you each day is a blessing, I am so lucky to have you in my life dearest husband. I love you!
Blessed to have a husband like you, who always surprise me with the best quality that he has. Happiest birthday hubby, love you!
Wishing you heartiest birthday wishes husband, you have been my partner not just raising the family but also bringing the best me. Love you!
It always is for my best interest whatever you and I owe you my beautiful gratitude. Happiest birthday darling, you are my hero!
Happy birthday; my Sweetheart, I was checking your profile pics, you have become more handsome and charming now.
Happy Birthday dear Hubby, you the best in the world and will be my partner forever.
This is message is exclusively for my Husband, Happy Birthday and live a long life with me.
Happy Birthday dear hubby, enjoy your day; your way and party hard, love you baby.
Hey hubby, have a great day of birthday, we are waiting for you at home, come soon.

Funny Birthday Message for Husband

Wishing a simple “Happy Birthday” may sound too normal sometimes. The celebration of the birthday of spouse shouldn’t be so formal. It needs to include all magic moments of laughter and gaiety which you make on a daily basis. If it is the birthday of your husband then it is the best opportunity to send him the funniest wish and make him laugh on his special day.

Funny Birthday Message for Husband
There is a big similarity between the life and (name of person). You both give pain, make me work, expects a lot. But, I love both of you. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!
I wanted to present you a wonderful gift, then I realized, you already have one. So, I dropped that idea and wishing you with this message ‘Happy Birthday, sweetheart’!
With age, you are improving with your common sense. Happy Birthday, daddy of cutest baby!
Happy Birthday sweetheart! Today I have noticed that your tummy size is increasing in proportion with your age. Love you!
If your tummy size will increase with the same pace, soon it will look bigger than you. Please control, happy birthday!
As today is your birthday, I’m handovering all my duties to you. This is your gift for the day. Wish you a great birthday, love!
Congrats! You have reached at the age when you turn off lights to save electricity, rather being romantic. Happy Birthday, hubby!
Do you know why I never wanted to get married to you, because I hate cooking. But you promised that you will cook for me always. So, now it is the time to bake your birthday cake. Love you darling, and happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my darling hubby who never cease the chance to surprise me either its my birthday or his. Love you, sweetheart!
Dear hubby, I love you a lot. Please don’t mind if I order ur birthday cake, food, snacks and other sundry.
Let’s be mischievous today and all throughout the year. To my partner in crime, happy birthday!
Pack your bags my adventurous husband, let’s visit places. Without you I would not have travelled or seen these many places. Happy birthday dear husband!
Dear husband you have been working hard. Let’s invite a few friends home and host a party. I will bake a cake and you do dishes. Happy birthday!
It is a year since you had your worst hangover. This birthday booze consciously because you are a year older. Happy birthday handsome!
I’m so glad you are here to absorb all my anger and tears, the shoulder I can rely upon. To my punching bag, Happy birthday!
May you live long, at least till I am alive. Who else will take care of me if not you. Happy birthday love!
I know it is exhausting to be a husband to such an amazing and beautiful wife. You need to work hard to reach my levels. Happy birthday husband!
Don’t think you can get away because it is your birthday. It is your turn to do laundry and dishes. Happy birthday to the most understanding husband!
I always thought you are my protector. But I never knew I had to protect you from the kids questionnaire. Happy birthday!
It is your birthday today dear husband. Please cook something special for dinner. To my master chef, happy birthday!
Hey Mate! Man today you are again a year older. When will you be wiser? You are just growing older and funnier. Happy Birthday my laughter bag!
Happy Birthday Darling! Have been thinking about what I should present you on your birthday. But you have me, the best gift you could have.
Happy Birthday Cupcake! Year on year, you are just growing old. No more bouquets and cakes on your birthday oldie. But my love for you keeps growing everyday.
Again here is the day you are embarrassed about, the big birthday party I’m hosting. I keep celebrating your birthday with friends and family till the last hair falls off your head. Happy Birthday Darling!
I am sure we end up in hell for all the adventures we do. Happy birthday my partner in crime!
You are a man who is always young at heart no matter how old you grow. Happy birthday to a person who is as mad and crazy as me.
I have brought the cutest present for you on your birthday. It’s the anti-snoring device. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Everyone knows you have a great taste but only I know that you have the ability to pick the finest thing. One of the examples is Me. You chose me as your wife. Happy Birthday, love, have a great birthday evening.
Many-many wishes to you for the birthday, dear husband! I still marvel, how patiently you handled our marriage
I went shopping for your birthday gift but I don’t know how I ended up shopping a lot for myself. There were so many things that I love. Trust me, your birthday has become really expensive this time. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
It’s funny because people age doesn’t matter but faces do, right? And if you start growing grey hair I might be worried. Happy birthday, soulmate, love you hubby!
It is not easy to be the husband of a successful wife. But don’t worry, I’ll help you with the same. Happy birthday sweetheart!
Although, you look older than me, but no worries, I’ll manage everything. Happy Birthday, keep smiling.
Well, people at your age go skiing and cliff jumping unlike you who just hit the couch every day. I will still love you, happy birthday husband!
Well stop counting your age husband or else I will start feeling older, happy birthday to my darling. Loads of love and many more years of happiness!
Wishing you a very happy birthday old man, your age is just a number you are young from the heart. Birthday wishes to my husband, love you!
Now you will have ample amount of time for salon visits, dog walks and especially services for my pick and drop. Happy birthday husband, I love you darling! Wishing you the best!
I wish someday I could change time and restart because I am afraid of you getting old, happiest birthday hubby! I wish you always stay young and smart from heart. Love you!
Pop some gems husband, it’s time for you to turn back your childhood. Happiest birthday growing man, I love you!
Well, it’s your birthday buy me a solitaire ohh just kidding I have had enough diamonds and one like you is irreplaceable. Happiest birthday husband darling!
Dearest husband, I have seen you thin and been there with your thick I hope that you always be at the best. Happy birthday darling, hugs and kisses!
Dear husband, as today is your birthday wish you the same. I believe this is the best gift from me.
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Husband
I was thinking to buy an expensive gift 4u, then I saw my pocket, it allowed me to buy only a rose. Sorry.
Have a Happy Birthday dear, you are my superstar and I am your wife.
Dear Hubby, Happy Birthday, I know u are missing me while partying with friends, so im coming.
You are charming, handsome, intelligent, witty and smart, I think this is enough to make you happy on ur birthday.

Birthday Message for Husband Long Distance

If your husband is living away from you because of his office commitments or is working abroad then you need to do something really wonderful for him on his birthday. The best you can do for him is to send him a lovely and romantic message expressing how much you miss him and what an amazing human he is. Get inspiration from the messages given below and send him the best birthday wish.

Birthday Message for Husband Long Distance
Loads of wish for the birthday from your wife. May all your wishes for the day come true, and don’t miss us much.
You are miles apart, still staying in my heart. Wishing you a very happy birthday with a heavy heart!
You are not with us, so this is the perfect day to tell you how much I Love You. Missing your presence and celebration, a lot. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
Happy birthday to you! You are the king of my heart and I’m your queen. The celebration mode is on, let your body spin.
You are always there for me, and today when you are not, I’m feeling so lonely and left out. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
It’s your birthday, but I’m more excited. You know what this day means for me! Love you sweetheart, I’m missing your hug, happy birthday!
Like flowers blooms when sunlight touches it, my smile doubles when I hear your voice. Love you my sweetheart, happy birthday!
I don’t need your presence to be happy, your voice is enough for me. Stay happy and blessed sweetheart, happy birthday!
Many-many wishes to you my sweetheart. Wish you a joyous birthday. Happy returns of the day!
Having a husband like you is no less than a pride. Thanks for being so amazing best wishes for your coming time. Happy birthday, enjoy your day!
When we are miles apart I miss your smile the most. I miss your good night kiss. Wish I would be with you today so that I could hug you and wish you a very happy birthday. Happiest birthday husband!
You motivate me to achieve more and inspire me to set goals. You are more than I have asked for. Wish I was with you to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!
You will always be my greatest strength. When away from you, you become my weakness too. To my hero, happy birthday!
It is so cold here. I miss your warmth. I miss you my comforter. Hope to see you soon. Happy birthday dear husband!
I wish I was there beside you and hosted your birthday party for friends and family. Love you and happy birthday!
I wish I was there with you on your birthday. I would wrap you in my bear hug and wish you a happiest birthday! Love you.
Maybe we are miles away but our souls are connected. May our love for each other alway grow. Happy birthday dear husband!
I can’t fly to you now. So send this message with all my love wishing you a very happy birthday. Miss you darling.
My heart is longing for you dear husband. Please be back home soon. Happy birthday my love!
Enough of virtual hugs, I want to hug you for a long time and not let you go. I Hope to see you soon. Happy birthday dear!
Yes we are miles apart. But my love for you never fades. I wish we were together this day so that I could hug and kiss you and wish you a very happy birthday. Love you.
Distance will not alter my love for you. I miss waking up beside you. Sending you virtual hugs and kisses. Happy birthday Love!
These are the hardest days in my life. It is your birthday and I’m not with you. Missing you alot. Sending loads of love to you. Happy birthday Handsome!
This birthday I’m away from home. I wish I was there with you for the celebration. May you have a great and joyful birthday. Happy birthday my bear!
Distance makes love stronger. I am waiting to be with you and hug you. Happy Birthday Love!
No matter how far we are, you always bring a smile on my face. Love you forever! Happy Birthday my loving Husband.
Despite we are so far from each other, the love in our relationship will grow like never before. Happy Birthday, my love, my sweetheart!
I wanted to celebrate your birthday just like in the past years, but couldn’t. The distance has changed a lot of things, however, not the love between us. It is still alive and fresh. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
This is the big day of your life and I want to hug you tight, kiss you right and cut the cake standing on your side. Sad! Can’t do all these, this time settle with this wish. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart, stay blessed and loved, always.
There is no doubt that distance makes relationship week. But I want to ensure you that distance has not weakened our relationship instead it has made it stronger. Happy Birthday, love. 
You are not here, but the warmth of your love is with me and it will follow me everywhere. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Dear love! You the biggest gift of my life. I love you like crazy. Happy Birthday, have a great day!
Hey! Just wishing you were here with me right now so I can just say, writing is too difficult. Happy birthday, husband, come soon. I love you!
It is always about work because it’s important and I respect you. I just wish you were to celebrate your special day. Happy birthday husband and I love you!
You will look perfect tonight. To my sweetest husband just come soon and hug me tight, I love you. Happy birthday!
To the man who will always put me and the family first has to work hard and I can’t thank you enough for it. Happy birthday, husband!
I wish you could be here and celebrate your birthday with us together but distance is never a problem for lovers. Happy birthday husband, love you!
I love the way we start our mornings on your birthday but today you are not here so I rather started the day by kissing your picture and saying you happy birthday husband!
Love isn’t always about being together, it’s sometimes about distances and this distance keeps the love alive. Happy birthday husband, loads of love and happiness!
May god never put us apart and we stay connected from the heart. Happy birthday husband, I love you sweetheart. I hope that all your dreams do come true! Cheers to forever!
It doesn’t matter we distance apart, we are together by heart. Happy birthday husband, miss you and love you so much!
I don’t believe that we are not celebrating your birthday together but you will always be connected from heart love. Happy birthday hubby!
Wishing you loads of success in the upcoming year, hope this birthday all your wishes come true honey! Happy birthday, love you hubby darling!
I wish you were here and we could celebrate your birthday but it could be any day I would want to celebrate you. Happy birthday husband!
Happy Birthday dear hubby, we are missing you here a lot, but don’t do that, have fun and party hard.
Enjoy your birthday hubby, I am not with you, that’s why sending this message to bring smile on ur face.
I planned surprise for you, but couldn’t turn it real. Consider this message as me wishing happy birthday n kissing you.
Birthday Messages
Here I am missing you a lot, want to hug and wish you Happy Birthday. But, compromising with this message only.
You are the loveliest husband in this world, I confess this on your birthday and wish we live long-long years of togetherness.

Romantic Birthday Message for Husband

It is important to let your partner know what you feel for him. Birthdays are the occasion which gives you a great chance to do the same. Romantic wishes help you to convey your feelings in a much better way. Send the most romantic message to your husband on his birthday and let him know that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with him and only him.

On normal days, I remain too busy to tell you how much I love you. But on this special occasion, I cease everything to announce that I love you the most. Happy Birthday to you my sweetheart!
Happy Birthday to my friends, companion, partner, soulmate, husband and lastly father of my children.  
There is only thing that can stop me from loving you. And that’s, only you. Happy Birthday.  
Loving you has become the sole objective of my life. And so you can say, I’ve got crazy about you. Dear husband, never hurt my feeling as I love you a lot. Wish you, happy birthday from the depth of my heart.  
Without you, a minute become minutes, an hour becomes hours, a day becomes days. With you months passes like a day. This is the magic of your love. Wish you happy birthday. 
Whenever you feel low, tired, lonely, unloved or any negative feeling prevails, just remember that is someone who loves you more than anyone, and pray only for your happiness. Love you, happy birthday! 
I might not be the perfect wife, partner, mother or daughter-in-law but I love you a lot. Happy Birthday! 
Wish you happy birthday! May all your dreams come true and you reach the pinnacle of your career. Don’t worry about family, I’m there for them. Happy Birthday! 
Nothing seems good to me when you are unhappy. I feel lonely and unwanted when you stop talking to me. But I never think about leaving you. Happy birthday sweetheart, don’t worry, your wife is going to be always around you.  
I try everything to be the best wife, and will keep trying the same till my last breath. We would never leave each other alone. Thanks a lot for everything. Happy Birthday.
To the man who made my life colorful like spring. I am always excited and passionate about you. Love you and happy birthday!  
The memory of meeting you for the first time is still so fresh. I fell for you that very moment. And our love is still the same. Happy birthday darling husband!  
You have made my life beautiful and this marriage perfect. I am glad I found such a caring and loving husband. Happy birthday love!  
You are a perfect and most precious gift I received from above. I always think you took birth just for me. To my king, Happy birthday!
I always thought romance fades away after a few years of marriage. But you proved it wrong. To my sexy husband, happy birthday!  
Hey handsome, are you reverse aging? Your naughtiness is increasing day by day. You make me feel young. Happy birthday!  
Hey smarty, you are always in my mind. How do I work if you constantly keep popping up in my thoughts? To my love, happy birthday!
You still take away my breath as you did on our first meeting. How can I love you so much? I love you more than myself. Happy birthday!  
I have a dream of us sitting on the beach watching the sunset and our grandkids playing around us. Growing old with you is fun. Happy birthday my munchkin!  
Your hugs and kisses are magical. I still get butterflies in my stomach the moment I see you after work. To the man I love the most, happy birthday! 
Not all women are blessed to have their soulmate as their Husband. I am the luckiest and love you Darling. Happy Birthday, Sweetie pie! 
Your love is enough for me. Everyday waking up beside you is amazing. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my Pillow!
I want to treasure every moment I spend with you. With this treasure I would be the richest woman in the world. Happy Birthday sunshine!
I am so blessed to have found you, true love which completes me. Happy birthday great kisser!  
Happy birthday to the person who is always in my heart. On this special day I will make sure you have the most beautiful day and romantic night. I love you my King. 
You are the magic potion of my life. You make my life a fairy tale filled with love and romance. I can’t imagine my life without you. Happy Birthday my love potion! 
My friends say, I have got blind in your love, to which I proudly reply. Yes, because with him I see my lovely and bright future. I want nothing else. Happy Birthday, dear hubby. 
Many-many wishes to you for the birthday! Not a lot of women are as lucky as me to marry their soul mate. Love you!
My looks don’t worry anymore. This because I see myself from your eyes. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart, have a great birthday!
Some of my siblings’ husbands are rich, some have the coolest husband while some have intelligent one. But, the luckiest one is me, my husband is the perfect blend of all. Feel proud on you, Happy Birthday, Hubby!
Lots of love to my husband who know well what drives me crazy. To the man who know what perfection is all about, to the man who know there is nothing he can’t do. I love you, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday sweetheart, you are the love of my life, and my all time crush.
Just hold me tight and kiss me hard. I want to feel the feeling and hold it so that I can cherish it. Happy birthday, husband, I love you!
You give me the feeling that people talk about in their books and movies. Happy birthday, husband, I love you! I wish you the very best of life.
Hello handsome! Couldn’t find any other day but your special day to tell you gave me butterflies and you mean to me a lot. Happy birthday, love you husband!
To my love, it’s your special day and I wish one day when you sit at peace to think of good memories, you think about us. Happy birthday husband, kisses and hugs sweetheart!
You will always be my first and best, I have never wanted someone to take my life just like you did, happy birthday dearest husband, loads of love and luck!
Dearest husband, I have always found you in my darkest secrets and you have kept them safe. Hope you find them in me too, happy birthday husband, love you!
To our all the firsts, first hug, first kiss, first night, first date everything counts on a memory. Thank you for giving me those, happy birthday husband, love you!
What a happy birthday it is to have me is my best man’s arm. I love you husband, wishing you love and happiness!
The special a day about your birthday is that I get to cuddle more, I get squish more. Happy birthday husband, I am blessed to have you!
The day when you were born is a day I felt love and today I could feel that love in your arms honey. Happy birthday darling husband!
I love that how much we have got ourselves together and faith holds us strong more than that I need you. Happy birthday husband, love you!
Whenever I ask this question to myself, who is more lucky between you and me, I always get the reply ‘I’ HBD
We share the love bond and it is so flexible that no ego can break it. Love you and Happy Birthday.
I think I am the favorite child of God, as he has chosen you as my husband. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Hubby, come home soon, the lovely cake is waiting for you to get cut and eaten.
Birthday Messages
Happy Birthday Hubby, I love everything about you, from your aggressive nature to being a free spirit soul.


Marriage isn’t in every case simple, however your better half makes the difficult work, battles, and battles worth consistently. As you utilize your husband’s unique day to praise him, set aside effort to value all that you love about the man you wedded. Consider the manner in which he makes you grin and the minutes that make you experience passionate feelings for once more. Recollect how you felt on your big day and do all that you can to make your better half’s birthday as extraordinary and loaded with adoration as your first day as his significant other. Make his birthday a worthwhile by sending love through words.

Keep smiling and keep loving!

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