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When Is Chaitra Navratri Celebrated And What Is Its Significance In Indian Culture

Navratri is an important festival of Hindus and it is celebrated twice in a year. The navratri celebrated during the chaitra month (According to the Hindu calendar) is called as chaitra navratri. According to English calendar the chaitra month falls in the month of March and April. The chaitra navratri is a nine day festival and during nine days, the devotees of goddess Durga worship her following all customs and rituals. Chaitra navratri 2019 will be celebrated from 6th of April till 14th of April. In some parts of the country, this festival is also celebrated by the name Vasanta navratri or rama navratri, for the reason that ninth day of navratri is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama. The rules and regulations to celebrate Chaitra navratri is same as Shardiya navratri that falls in the month of October or November, according to the English calendar.

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What Is The Purpose Of Celebrating Chaitra Navratri And How It Is Celebrated?

Based on mythological stories and some manuscripts, the Chaitra Navratri is an important one in Hindu religion and its significance increased more when Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga during the ‘Ashwin’ month that is during the period of Ramayana war. The festival is celebrated with enormous pomp all over India, but it is more popular in northern states of India and central India. People organize fairs, especially near the Goddess Durga temple. It is also the beginning of New Year for Hindus in some part of the country.  In Maharashtra state, Chaitra Navratri begins with the celebration of‘Gudi Padwa’ and in the southern states the festival begins with celebration of  ‘Ugadi’. Just like every year, the 2019 chaitra navratri will be celebrated from 6 to 14 April with the celebration of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi in Maharashtra and South India.

As during the nine days of Navratri, the Goddess Shakti is worshipped in her three forms, although according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga has many forms and she is also called as goddess of energy. The three forms of Durga that are worshiped during Chaitra navratri are Maa Durga, the goddess of energy, Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Maa saraswati, the goddess of wealth.

Mythological Significance Of Chaitra Navtratri

There are many mythological stories that narrate the significance of Chaitra navratri. One of the most popular one is, before heading for war with Ravana, who abducted Sita, Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga and her nine forms to gain power to defeat Rawana. On the 10th day Rama got Sita back, killing Ravana.

Another legend is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati. According to the legend, Lord Shiva allowed Parwati to visit their parents’ house during this time. This is the reason, in most part of Northern India, married women visit their parents’ house during this time. According to believe, people who worship goddess Durga and her nine forms during Chaitra navratri, get what they desire for. Also, those who worship her without any desire receives salvation soon.

Biological Significance Of Chaitra Navratri

But, this is the mythological reason for celebrating Chaitra navratri, the scientific reason is different. According to the scientific reason, the month of March and April is the time when most part of India had a change in weather. It is the time of last days of winters and initial days of summers. There is a sudden change in temperature in environment, which is favorable for growth of deadly viruses and bacterias. During Chaitra navratri, people do not consume non-vegetarian food, which are most infected food during these days. People observe fast of nine days and stay away from outside, and eat only fruits and some selected foodstuffs. This normalizes their body temperature and at the same time provide them protection from deadly viruses and bacterias. The devotees of Durga perform hawans during nine days. The smoke coming from hawan help in purifying the environment. The whole worship process actually prepares the human body for accepting the upcoming summer season.

The Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga Worship During Chaitra Navratri And 2019 Chaitra Navratri Dates

On the first day of navratri, goddess Shailputri is worshiped, the second day is of goddess bhramacharini, the third day is for chandraghanta goddess, the forth day is for goddess kushmanda, the fifth day is for goddess skanda, the sixth day is for katyani, seventh is the day for kalratri, eighth day is for maha gauri goddess and the last ninth day is for siddhidatri goddess. In 2019, the celebration will begin from 6th of April.

All nine goddess are symbol of power, energy, prosperity, health and wealth. According to Hindu religious believes, those who worship all goddess for nine days with complete devotion receives all these at the end.

Some also believe worshiping goddess Durga during Chaitra navrati gives them inner happiness and self contentment. To worship Goddess Durga, many devotee visits the famous Vaishno Devi temple to bestow their head and receive goddess blessings. To celebrate Chaitra navratri 2019, check chaitra navratri mahurat for 2019.