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Easter is the festival of Christian, but now it is celebrated by people of all communities and religion. The festival is best celebrated in western countries and different countries have different rituals for its celebration. Unlike the other festivals of Christian, which are celebrated on a fixed date like Christmas, Halloween, valentine’s day, etc. Easter has no fixed date, but it falls mostly between the end of March to end of April. The date is calculated analyzing the position of the moon. Therefore, the date of this festival varies from country to country. The Easter of 2019 will be celebrated on the 21st of April in most countries.

Easter is one of the most significant festivals of Christians. On this day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sending Easter messages and greetings and sharing gifts with friends, family, and relative is a normal custom that people practice on the occasion of Easter, but Christians have a different tradition to celebrate this festival and it is celebrated following the same. Although different customs and traditions are followed to celebrate this festival, the importance of sharing wishes with people on the day is the most. Therefore, when you are writing an Easter Message, add a personal touch in it. Instead of sending a plain happy easter message, decorate it and make it fun-filled and blissful. Some e.g. of Easter messages are

  • The Easter holiday has begun, so get ready to have fun. Decorate your eggs and bunny and make the easter lovely and funny.
  • My celebration of Easter means sending greetings to people I love and people who love me.
  • Happy Easter, may the little bunny brings prosperity and good health for you and your family
  • On the occasion of Easter, I have things to so many. In short, be happy and keep smiling.
  • Eggs are ready to hatch and the bunny is hiding somewhere, let’s come together to find our fortune.
  • May your Easter basket remains full of happiness, joy, and fun.
  • Happy Easter dear friend! I wish this Easter lord takes all your pains and shower happiness in return.

You can find such lovely, relating and customized happy easter messages on various messaging platforms and send it across to your friends and people in your contact list all for free.

What Else You Can Do On Easter In Addition To Sending Easter Messages

Easter is a festival celebrated following some rituals and customs. Visiting the church for praying, arranging dinner, serving turkey are some that are followed. People invite friends and family for easter turkey dinner. If you have been invited for the dinner and you want to add some more flavors in the celebration, then combine sentiments in celebration, sharing some gifts and wishes.

Some gifts that you can present to your people on the occasion of Easter Sunday dinner are

A Wine Bottle – A freshly cooked turkey tastes the best with wine. If you have been invited for dinner, buy a preserved wine and present it to the host. It is best if you buy red wine. Start dinner serving chilled wine and give an impressive start to the dinner.

A Bouquet Of Roses – Flowers are best things to gift when there is no occasion as such, but you want to give some things as a positive gesture. Buy a bouquet of roses or mix flowers and present it to the host. The fragrance of flower will fill a nice aroma in the dining area

Cake And Puddings – A mouthwatering sweet after dinner make the party complete. When you are invited for Easter dinner, don’t give all burdens on the host. Share some responsibility, prepare or buy a fresh cake, pudding or any other sweet as a gift.

Chocolate And Sweets – You can gift chocolate to children as a gift and they will be like more than happy about this. Sharing chocolate is also a ritual of Easter.

While sharing gifts with the host, don’t forget to complement this gesticulation with some wonderful Easter messages quotes. If you are not good at writing messages on your own, take the help of messaging platform and select a perfect message befitting the situation.

Here Are Some Religious Easter Wishes You Can Read On The Occasion

  • It is the time of Christ resurrection, it is the time to celebrate and have fun. Happy Easter and have a holy day.
  • On the sacred occasion of Easter, I pray to the Lord Jesus to send happiness and good health in ample.
  • It is the time of the resurrection of Jesus. It is the time to relish the power of divinity, Happy Easter.
  • Easter bells are ringing high, once again the Christ has arrived. Let get drenched in the devotion of God to attain peace and salvation.
  • Happy Easter and have a great day. Let’s celebrate this occasion on Sunday.
  • Make the Easter fun filled by adding charm and twist. Celebrate the day with wine and turkey.

What Is The Relation Between Easter And Bunny?

Rabbits are called as a bunny and it has a strong association with Easter and its celebration. It symbolizes the rebirth and fertility and according to believe the Eostre, Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring had a hare in her lap and it her companion.

Another legend associated with Easter and rabbit is that Easter Hare’ judged whether the children had been bad or good in the Easter run-up.

Therefore, whenever there will be any discussion related to the celebration of Easter, the bunny will surely come there. Eggs are also related to Easter. In the US, people give painted eggs along with sweet baskets on the Easter day, on the other hand, British children on the day of Easter for chocolate eggs hunting believed to be left by the Easter Bunny. Different countries have the different association of bunny and eggs with easter. If you are not a Christian, but sending Religious Easter greetings or  Easter wishes messages, then do not forget to add bunny and eggs in your quotes. This will show you have a good understanding of this festival. Some Easter quotes, written adding bunny and eggs are

  • You have an Easter basket full of eggs, may you find the bunny the before eggs are hatched.
  • Little bunny wishing you a Happy Easter. Have a basket full of cake, chocolates and colorful eggs.
  • The Easter bunny brought a basket for you, that has everything that wishes and deserve. May all your dreams come true.
  • A joyful hug from Easter bunny on the occasion of Easter, may you have a lovely and blissful day.
  • Come and let’s celebrate Easter together. Let children find eggs and bunny and we have talks lovely and funny.
  • Have a great Easter evening and celebrate it fun and zeal, the easter bunny is waiting for you to give a tight hug.

How To Plan A Perfect Easter Celebration

Now that you have learned what Easter messages and pictures and quotes you should send to friends and family as greeting, the relevance of eggs and bunny, about Easter 2019, etc., now it is the time to learn, how you can make this celebration a real fun by adding some twist by planning the day creatively. Here are some activities that you can plan on the day. However, before planning, some celebration, it is important to note how people in the different parts of the world celebrate this day.

The Greeks celebrate this day by baking they are traditionally baked, which called as tsoureki. They eat this bread with red-dyed eggs. The people in eastern and central and Europe celebrate this day by painting eggs decoratively and then fight for the same like conkers. The people of the Czech Republic, celebrate this day a bit differently. Here, boys pour water on girls and then whip their faces with willow twigs.

The talk of willow branch also comes in the Finland Easter celebration, here young children are dressed up as witches and they celebrate the spring holiday. “These little witches are then made to visit people’s houses and ask for willow twigs, they get decorated willow twigs with crepe paper and colourful feathers from houses as blessings. The twigs are the symbol of blessings that drives away all evil spirits.

The different places follow different patterns of celebration, you can choose the way of celebration, depending on the fact, which country you are living in. You can bring some changes in celebration to some fun element in it. Some of the way you can make the festival more joyous are:

Organize Egg Decoration Competition For Children – On the day of Easter, people in the US and UK share the basket filled with decorated eggs, chocolate and cookies with each other. You can organize an egg decorating competition for children a day before Easter Sunday to have a wonderful Easter start. Children will have fun together and while they decorate eggs, you reiterate stories of Easter to them, to make the moment full of fun.

Organize Easter Hunt Program For Children And Adults Both – Easter celebration is for everyone and thus, everyone should have their share of fun on the day. Hide, painted eggs in home and garden and organize the egg hunt competition. Ask everyone to participate, you will have a great time together. In many countries, children are engaged in the egg hunt on the day of Easter. You can announce some gifts for the winner to add a sweet twist in celebration.

Become A Host And Invite For Dinner – If you love cooking, show your skill to people around you. Invite your friends and family for dinner. Bake cakes, prepare turkey and serve hot to your guests. Having dinner together is really fun and increase happiness in manifolds. You can also ask people coming on dinner to dress up best.

Organize A Theme Party – Easter is all about praying in the morning and enjoying food in the evening. If you are hosting the party at your home, instead of going flat, give a theme to the party. This will perk up the celebration. In the theme party, you can give a dress code to the invited people.

Attend The Easter Parade – if you are not interested in hosting a party at your home, or you have not been invited for dinner anywhere, but you want to celebrate this day differently, then be the part of Easter parade. Most countries and their cities organize Easter parade on the occasion. If it is not in your city, take leave from your work and be the part of the parade at a different place. It is really fun to be in the parade.

While you are hosting different events and dinner at your home, decorating the home and making it party ready is also important. The best way to do this writing Easter messages on the card and placing it all over, the decorating area around the dinner with easter messages images.

How To Wish Someone Who Is Living At A Distance Apart?

It is easy to celebrate Easter with people who are living nearby, and the part of the family, but those who are living apart can also be included in the celebration. And this could be done by sending Easter messages for cards. You can send Easter greetings to the loved one you are unable to join you on the occasion online or through text. There are many platforms present that share wonderfully drafted messages for all occasions.

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