Entertainment Apps and App Store Optimization: The Case of Peacock Tv

Peacock Tv was launched in the middle of the pandemic but today it is one of the most downloaded entertainment apps both on iOS and the Play Store. 

As you know there are already pretty successful streaming apps in the entertainment category such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO. Despite all these obstacles, last month Peacock TV was 5th in IOS and 2nd in the Google Play Store in terms of estimated downloads.

But how? It seems that a solid App Store Optimization Strategy coupled with Apple Search Ads allowed them to climb the charts in such a competitive category pretty easily. 

How Important is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is one of the first things you should do to increase visibility. For instance, app competitor analysis is important to see which keywords are getting more impression shares.

By using our ASO report, we can see that Peacock TV has an impressive visibility of 85. They are also organically ranking on 2864 keywords. For 41 of these keywords, they appear at the top of the organic results.

Here we can see a comparison of three apps; Netflix, HBO, and Peacock TV. From the Peacock TV’S launching date until today, they are taking firm steps forward with the help of their ASO strategy. It is pretty impressive how Peacock TV managed to catch up with these big brand names in less than a year.

entertainment apps visibility score

Also, another interesting issue that grabs the attention is, by using our Keyword Intelligence tool, which provides users the list of keywords that their app is receiving the most organic downloads from, we see that Netflix is getting almost 90% of their downloads from their brand name whereas Peacock Tv is getting only 57%.

This shows how important generic keywords can be for smaller brand names. Even though Peacock TV does not have a well-known brand name like Netflix has, organically ranking on different generic keywords allowed them to close the gap. 

Apart from these, app title is a crucial concept since it is one of the highest weighted organic ranking factors in the eyes of the search algorithm. Normally, the App Store allows a maximum of 30 characters in the app title.

entertainment apps apple search ads

Peacock TV and HBO are using some generic keywords along with their brand name in order to increase their rankings. However, Netflix did not use this strategy. And it seems like this might have turned into an advantage for Peacock TV. 

Entertainment Apps and Apple Search Ads

Netflix and Hulu are not running Apple Search Ads but Peacock Tv is. And actually, this is one of the key issues about their success story. 

Running Apple Search Ads and bidding on the relevant keywords or the brand name of a competitor is very important and can be extremely powerful especially if your competitors are not running Apple Search Ads. 

Here we can see that Peacock TV and some of the popular entertainment apps such as TikTok and HBO are bidding on the keyword “Netflix” and with the help of it, they are gaining impression share from a keyword with extremely high traffic.

entertainment apps impressions

Getting ahead of the organic rankings and appearing at the top of the search results can increase your visibility drastically.

Peacock TV is pretty new but they are active in Apple Search Ads. Surely, they are taking advantage of this amazing platform which is a powerful tool for app marketers especially after iOS 14.5. They are currently bidding on 7209 keywords and they are boosting their app growth.

The pandemic was an interesting time period for streaming apps. As people were locked inside their houses, they turned to these apps for passing time. Peacock TV was released during this time and even though this meant increased demand for such apps, it also meant increased competition.

In such a difficult environment, Peacock TV managed to join the competition with huge brand names such as Netflix, HBO and Hulu by utilizing a comprehensive mobile user acquisition strategy. Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization seems to have worked impressively in the case of Peacock TV.

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