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Feedspot Gold features

Feedspot is the content reader for reading all your favorite websites in one place.

  1. Read your favorite Blogs, News Websites, Youtube Channels, Podcasts, Magazines, RSS feeds and Social Sites accounts from one place on Feedspot.

  2. Using a content reader helps you keep up with your top information sources – content comes straight to you, saving you the time to go and check every site on your own.

  3. Feedspot also keeps track of which items you’ve read, so you only see the unread items when you come back, even when you login on different devices.

Add unlimited sites
Add unlimited websites, blogs, youtube channels & rss feeds.

Get Daily Digest Email For You & Team
The digest email is a summary of articles from all your favorite websites in one email. You can choose to receive this email Daily, Weekly, or even realtime. You can also send a copy of it to your Team Members. Learn more.

Follow Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages and Hashtags

Twitter – Follow tweets by a username, a hashtag or a location.
Instagram – Follow photos by a username, a hashtag or a location.
Facebook – Follow Facebook pages.

Visit queryfeed.net to get the rss feed of your choice of social network. Add those rss feeds to your Feedspot account to keep track of new updates from them.

Track Google News Keyword Alerts
Keyword alerts are a great way to create your own custom newsroom. Anytime there’s a new article on Google News mentioning one of the topics or keywords you’ve set, it will appear in your Feedspot. It can be a really powerful tool for competitive intelligence, brand monitoring, PR, keeping up with industry trends, and more.

Follow Local News for any City, State, Country or Zipcode
Read local news by simply typing in a city name or zipcode. You can create a local section for any city, state or country in the world and include thousands of sources.

Search inside sites
Search for articles only within the sites you’ve added to your Feedspot account. It’s like your personal search engine unlike Google which shows results from entire web. Advanced search filters is an amazing way to find the content that matters to you.

Ad free Feedspot
Advertisements are not shown to Feedspot Gold members. Get an awesome reading experience.

Your Twitter Timeline on Feedspot
Lets you Read, Archive & Search Your Personal Twitter Timeline on Feedspot

Top Priority support
Faster support response.

For Marketers: Connect With Influencers
Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing? Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories. Email us the type of influencers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign. Gold customers get access to our Influential bloggers database.

Promote Your Website
If you run a Blog, News Website or a Youtube Channel, Feedspot will help you promote it on its platform used by more than a million users. Feedspot helps publishers get new and targeted visitors. Email us your website link at anuj@feedspot.com to know more.

Follow Youtube Channels and Playlists
Add your favorite Youtube channels or playlists to your Feedspot account and keep track of newly uploaded videos on Feedspot.

Track All Your Google Alerts
Until now, Google alerts have been delivered via email only, but those days are over. Now your News, Web, Blog, Video, and Groups alerts are more easily accessible than ever. After you create your Google Alert, choose the “Deliver to RSS feed” option. Then paste the RSS link into Feedspot to add it as a source.

Convert any Webpage to RSS and track its updates from Feedspot
Your favorite websites do not provide RSS? Visit fetchrss.com and generate rss out of any webpage. Then add the rss feed to Feedspot to track new updates.

Saved Searches
Use saved search features to find articles on specific subjects. Create special searches to find articles about your business, brand, and products and save them for easy reuse.

Fast Updates
Get fast news updates from sites and blogs that update less frequently.

Customize Homepage
Lets you customize what you want to see by default on your Feedspot homepage. You can opt to see updates only from selected important sites on your homepage so that you read them first whenever you visit Feedspot.
Your day with Feedspot Gold

Staying informed is a constant struggle for most of us, let alone people with high-profile, high-pressure jobs. There’s usually no time to leisurely read a favorite paper over coffee.
Start your day with Feedspot to read latest updates from all your favorite news sites and blogs from one location.
With Gold, Feedspot gets new updates from all your favorite sites in realtime, keeping you up-to-date on news that matter to you.

This is a screenshot of one of the Feedspot account. The left column shows list of all the websites you’ve added to your account. New content from those websites automatically appear on the right side column.

Receive daily news from your favorite sites in your email inbox

If you prefer reading news in the form of daily digest emails, then this gold feature is for you.

Customize Daily Digest

Send a Copy to Team Members – You can send a copy of digest emails you receive to your team members. Learn more

Email frequency options – You can receive emails in a daily digest, every six hours or in real-time as they happen. How cool is that?

Receive Title-only notifications – Choose whether to receive the snippet of each feed item or only the title with a link to read more.

Customize the send time – Choose what time to receive emails each day.

Visit original article directly from email digest

Ad Free emails

Multiple Newsletters clutter your email inbox. Feedspot combines all in just one digest email.

Feedspot daily digest email replaces the traditional method of receiving updates via newsletters. As you keep subscribing to newsletters of your favorite websites, slowly you’ll realize that everyday your inbox gets filled up with emails from these websites and it takes substantial part of your time to segregate important mails. If you are a professional and work online, a constant flood of regular emails even from your favorite websites will soon start irritating you. Further, the task of opening every email, reading it, deleting it or shifting it to another folder will be a time consuming process in itself. If you subscribe to a list of more than 10 newsletters, you will always be involved in managing your emails.
Feedspot daily digest email solves this problem. It combines new updates from all your favorite websites in just one email – thus avoiding the hassles of reading and managing multiple newsletters and also preventing your inbox to clutter.

Get instant email notification for blogs that update less frequently

If you are one of those users who prefer visiting Feedspot to check for updates, you might still want to subscribe to less-updated blogs for your digest email. Some blogs are updated only once a week or once a month. If you want to get instant notifications for such type of blogs, then Feedspot Realtime email notification is for you.

Your current plan

Your current plan


Why Feedspot is Essential for Small Business Owners?

Why Feedspot is Essential for Small Business Owners?

Feedspot is a tool that let’s you keep track of what is going on in your industry. We all know that staying current on the latest news and trends is vital to remaining competitive, and we all know how difficult and time consuming it is to read dozens of articles from dozens of websites. Feedspot allows you to “pull” all of those articles into a central place for your easy reading pleasure. The articles come to you, saving you hours of your time and allowing you to keep on top of what’s happening in your industry.

Along with its desktop reader, there is also a neat looking mobile version that allows you to read articles on your smart phone. In just a few minutes a day, you can quickly scan and read dozens of articles to see what is happening and what people are saying. If you run a blog for your business, Feedspot is a great tool for finding new and relevant ideas for articles.

Keep up with the best blogs in your industry. Get full access to Feedspot’s extensive library.

Search for articles within the sites you added on Feedspot. Search within your Favorites, specific Folder or Site. Quickly find articles in half the time using Advanced Search Filters.

View Example

Search inside sites

Take advantage of our useful integrations to streamline your workflows

Feedspot Gold offers seamless integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper and Buffer to help streamline your workflows.

Useful Integrations

Once you connect your social accounts, you can easily share posts from Feedspot to Facebook, Twitter and other services with just one-click.

Facebook, Twitter Integration Feedspot makes it easy to consistently post content on Facebook and Twitter, increasing your reach and fan engagement. This feature helps you reach your audience more easily, driving more clicks on your posts and traffic to your website.

Pocket, Instapaper Integration These are Read later services letting you save interesting articles for later reading. They also support offline reading capability. Feedspot offers seamless integrations with these Read later services. With just one-click, you can save any article from your Feedspot account to either pocket or instapaper.

Evernote Integration – Evernote is a popular notetaking and archiving service. Along with text notes, it also lets you save full webpages. With just one-click, you can directly save any article from your Feedspot account to your Evernote notebook.

One-click save/share any article to your Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Buffer, Twitter and Facebook account.

Speed Up Sharing

Feed me! Google Alerts not just for email anymore

Google Alerts

Google Alerts now support RSS feeds so that you can receive and view alerts right from your Feedspot account. Until now, alerts have been delivered via email only, but those days are over. Now your News, Web, Blog, Video, and Groups alerts are more easily accessible than ever.

Open Google Alerts and try to create a new alert. Press on “Show Options”” . Change “Deliver To” from your email address to RSS feed. Create the alert. Copy the RSS address from the alert and add it to your Feedspot account.

A better way to follow your YouTube subscriptions

A better way to follow your YouTube subscriptions

You can add all your favorite Youtube Channels into your Feedspot account and keep track of all your favorite videos from one place.

Simply copy & paste link of your favorite Youtube channel or user profile into your Feedspot account. Feedspot automatically pulls new videos posted on your favorite channels from youtube so that you can watch all of them from one place. If you follow many Youtube channels, you can add all of them to your Feedspot account and organize them using Folders.

Read, Archive & Search Your Personal Twitter Timeline on Feedspot

Twitter timeline on your Feedspot

What if you could get your Twitter timeline on your Feedspot ?

Well yes you can do this.

To get started all you need to do is, first visit the web site https://twitrss.me/ to get RSS feed for your Twitter account.
Simply add the RSS link to your Feedspot. Feedspot will automatically fetch new updates from your twitter timeline.

Feedspot keeps track of which tweets you’ve read, so you only see unread tweets when you come back.

Get latest relevant news articles based on Topics you care about.

Some handy uses of this feature include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

e.g. finance, running, yoga, architecture, etc.

RSS or Atom feed You can subscribe to any valid RSS or Atom feed from any website. Click on the ‘Add New Site’ button from your homepage and add the exact RSS or Atom feed url. Feedspot constantly checks for new updates in your sites. New content comes to your Feedspot when it’s posted, so you don’t need to visit individual sites.
Google News Topics Feedspot is integrated with Google News. Get Google news feed for any topic or keyword.
Local News Read local news by simply typing in a city name or zipcode. You can create a local section for any city, state or country in the world and include thousands of sources.
Save for later Use the Star icon (mark as Favorite) to save an article for later reading. All your starred (or favorited) articles can be accessed by clicking the Favorite link from the left sidebar.
Organizing using Folders Lets you create multiple folders and add sites to them. Folders allow you to sort your sites and keep them organized. You can add all work related sites in one folder and personal sites in another. You can create as many folders you wish.
Drag and Drop Drag-and-Drop support for your feeds, folders and tags. You can now easily move your feeds between folders, as well as reorder things up and down within the list. Lets you place important sites and folders at the top of your list.
Share Folders You can publicly share your folder on twitter, facebook or any other site with your friends, family or coworkers. Every folder has a permalink on feedspot. You can also Email a folder to anyone. Other users can now follow your folder on feedspot.
Tags Tags provide a way for you to organize items of interest. You can use any word as a tag. For example, you might have a tag for your favorite posts (“favs””), or a tag for items you want to follow up on (“follow-up”).
Expanded View Also called as Full article view. Shown full content for each article from its respective feed.
Magazine View A more visual and interesting view. Shows a list of descriptive blurbs, each with a small photo next to it.
List View Also called as plain text view. This view is most favorable among those who follow many(..hundreds) feeds and prefer to quickly skim through their feeds. Takes less time to read more titles.
Sort by Recent/Oldest Lets you sort articles by latest first or oldest first.
View only Unread Feedspot keeps track of which articles you’ve read, so you only see unread articles when you come back.
Onscroll Mark as read When you enable “Onscroll Mark as Read”, articles are automatically marked as read when you scroll your feed. As you scroll, you can see unread count of the respective feed decreasing automatically on the left column.
Search Search for articles only within the sites you’ve added to your Feedspot account. It’s like your personal search engine unlike Google which shows results from entire web.
Advanced Search Filters Lets you narrow down search results by specific sites. You can choose to search only in title instead of entire article. Also supports boolean search like AND, OR or exact match.
Saved Searches Saved searches are listed on the left column for quick later reference. This is specially useful when you want to track updates for many keywords. Eliminates the need to type in search terms repeatedly.
Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts save you time by helping you quickly explore your reading list without moving your hand back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. Hit Shift+? to see the keyboard shortcuts menu from your homepage.
Email article You can email article directly from your Feedspot feed to anyone. Feedspot will email entire article on your behalf.
Themes Supports Theme Colors. You can customize the look of your Feedspot without having to use some advanced scripting magic. You can choose theme color of your choice.

As we add new gold features in the coming weeks, existing gold members automatically get access to all the new gold features. If you have suggestions for new gold features or if you’d like to know upcoming gold features, please email us at team@feedspot.com