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We all have that one friend, who always go the extra mile to bring out something innovative. Be it planning a party, going for outing or wishing someone happy birthday. This friend never goes flat in expressing his feeling. Many try to copy him, follow his attitude, but only few get success in the same.

Although, every individual has a unique trait, but the person having characteristics of expression remains the most praised one always. You can also develop this attribute, just by putting little more efforts, when you are greeting someone or wishing someone happy birthday. Instead of going drearily with wishes and using monotonous messages, find something spanking new and electrifying.

For e.g., if it’s your friend’s birthday and you want to send a birthday message to him, extend your thought beyond just three words “Happy Birthday friend”. There are lots of ways, you can wish someone happy birthday, such as

  • May you have a great day and a birthday bash in the evening. Many-many happy birthday
  • Although, I couldn’t make it for your birthday, but here is my happy birthday greeting to make sure my absence is not felt.
  • You know I am not good at writing heartfelt bday message, so I’m sending this message with intense feeling.
  • I wish you, happy birthday dear, may you have a great day.
  • On your birthday, I wish, you get everything that you want and deserve.
  • Have a bliss full year that start with a great birthday bash. Happy Birthday.

Now, if you can’t pen down such special birthday wishes, no need to lose heart. Take the help of messaging platform that maintains an impressive collection of happy birthday quotes.

What To Write In A Birthday Card

Birthday card comprise of a well drafted message and you can pick one that delivers your feeling, but if you wish to add few more lines, then there it is an impressive gesture. There are many things that you can write in a birthday card to make it standout, some e.g. are

  • Happy birthday to my special friend you deserve exceptional attention.
  • Just like sky is blue, I am always there for you. Happy Birthday
  • Want to hug you tight and say you have a great birthday night.
  • With this wonderful happy birthday wishes message, I wish, you have a year full of surprises and many successes.

Birthday gesticulation complete with excellently written birthday message. Everyone, want to know what their friends feel about them, the exceptionally drafted happy birthday sayings efficiently does this and show person’s importance.

If ever you fall short of words, take the help of messaging platforms to write down a remarkable message. Your efforts will always be appreciated and loved by friends.

Now, how about writing a birthday message for your girlfriend who is living far from you. It also requires efforts to creatively express the feeling. You want to wish her happy birthday along with showing her how much you love her. In this situation, you can’t go plane saying “Happy Birthday dear love” or “My love happy birthday to you”. Of course, you can write this birthday wish, but it can’t be called as one of the best happy birthday wishes. In place of writing some pre framed birthday wishes, try this.

  • Happy Birthday my sweetheart and my darling. I wish your whole year to remain sparkling.
  • Wishing my love, happy birthday without hugging her is a pain. But, I console myself thinking, this pain is all for the gain.
  • Another year added in age of yours, now you look pretty and sensual even more. I love you my darling, happy birthday from my heart.
  • You are my love, you are my soul, celebrate birthday many more. Love you, always.

Wish Him Happy Birthday In Style

We all love things that are different from usual, be an elegant attire, jewelries or anything else. And when it comes to sending happy birthday messages, here also, if you will be little different, you leave a footprint of your feeling.

We all used to have plethora of friends and we receive happy birthday greetings from most of the them on FB, text apps, Instagram, twitter, but tell me which one last on our memory for a long time? Yes — the one that has some feeling and drafted with efforts. When you are writing, birthday thoughts for your boyfriend, follow a style and show him your real side. Some e.g. of nicely written birthday messages for boyfriend are

  • Even if you will celebrate your 50th birthday with wrinkle on your face, my enthusiasm to celebrate your day would be the same. LUV u, Happy Birthday.
  • No matter how far we are, our heart and soul will always be together. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
  • Happy, Happy and Happy birthday to you my sweet, cute, lovely and adorable boyfriend. Now, it’s final, I can’t live without you. Come home soon.
  • I feel blessed to have a boyfriend like you. I love and will always be there to support you. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Milestone Birthday

Milestone birthdays are special ones, and to make your friend, relative or close one realizes the fun of celebrating a milestone birthday is something that can’t be expressed. It can only be felt and enjoyed. If someone around you celebrating his or her milestone birthday cherish his/her in a unique style. The best way to do that is reading a birthday wish with some sense of humor, if the person is old. Or throwing a grand party for birthday person, if he/she is a young and party lover, but the significance of messages never goes down. Write a great birthday message and dedicate the same to him/her. You can also write funny birthday wishes for birthday person, as the people celebrating milestone birthdays usually don’t mind humor and they enjoy it completely. Some perfectly written birthday wishes for milestone birthdays are here:

  • It is great to see you are celebrating your 60th birthday with all vital parts of the body right placed.
  • Happy 50th birthday to women who seem to be in her 30 now even. You are an great inspiration.
  • Age is just the number, a person young by heart, never become old. Happy 90th birthday, many more years to go.
  • You have lived all years of your life without any compromise, may you have the same life in the coming time. Happy 80th

Wishing Your Parents Happy Birthday

We love our parents, but often we don’t express our feeling how much we love them, sometimes because of being shy and sometimes we don’t give much value to express feelings. On the other hand, parents always want to listen few words from their children that show them how worthy they are in their children’s life.

There are two ways how you can wish your parents happy birthday. The first pick a card, write happy birthday dear Dad and Mom on it and give it to them. The second way of celebrating parent’s birthday is, all you siblings come together, cut the cake read some of the best birthday messages for your parents and end your day. Parents do not want more than this. There are some birthday messages you can read for them

  • Having a parent like you is no less than a blessing. You knew it well how to keep us happy in your hard living.
  • Thanks for giving us such a wonderful life, full of memories. You know what, a big portion of our best memories are the moments we spent with you.
  • If god ever gives me the choice to choose my parents, my choice will be you guys always. Happy birthday.
  • We want to cuddle under your shadow for many more years. May you have a long, healthy and happy life.

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Birthday Wishes For Friend

A friend is a person who is always there for us, who care for us. A person with whom we share everything happening in your life. Therefore, when it comes to wishing your friend happy birthday, the text should be full of emotions. The message should reflect, what importance your friend has in your life. There are many messages, you can write for your friend, instead of simply texting him “Happy Birthday dear”

  • With you I live my childhood, adulthood and now wants to live, oldhood. Happy Birthday, have a long life.
  • We play, we fight, then we don’t talk, but we can’t live without each other this is for sure. Happy Birthday and have a nice day.
  • Wishing you great happy birthday dear friend. You are the only person I can disturb even at 1PM in the night. May you have long-long life.
  • Whenever I come to for help, you without even asking solve my possible. You know, coz you know me really well. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday greetings, birthday wish, all these are small in-front of my love and affection for you.

Happy Birthday Wish, When You Are Wishing Someone Late

When you have forgotten someone’s birthday, it becomes crucial that you wish him with an apology. Additionally, your birthday wishes messages should have a deep feeling and it should be healing to hurting. Even if you are sending belated bday greeting to the person, or wishing him personally, a message will make your gesture impressive. Here is a handful of messages that you can send to wish someone belated happy birthday.

  • I’m sorry by heart for wishing you so late. This is the first and last time I have forgotten wishing you. Happy Birthday Belated.
  • Sorry my message is coming to you late, hope you won’t mind and forgive me. Have a happy and smiling birthday dear.
  • Grant me apology for forgetting your birthday. But, you there is good behind everything. My late message has brought the smile on your face once again.
  • Sorry I’m wishing you so late, the punishment for me is, I’ill celebrate your birthday once again today.

There are many other ways how you can impressively ask for the apology and wish your friend happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings For A Child

We all are aware of the children’s passion for celebrating their birthday. The little monster will not let you live peacefully, if you forget their birthday or didn’t bring any gift for them. You can give them lots of gifts, chocolates, clothes and cookies to win their attention, but with a beautifully written bday message, you can win their heart. However, it is not easy to write heart touching birthday quotes for little ones as their understanding of emotions has not reached the level of maturity. Also, mind their vocabulary knowledge, if you are going to use some heavy words in your message, it is very much possible that they don’t understand it. Write this type of birthday messages for kids

  • A big congratulation for turning five to you. And my side a big happy birthday to you.
  • Hey, my little champ, you are going too fast, I’m missing your childhood.
  • I am getting a feeling that you are going to look amazing in your new dress this birthday evening.
  • I wish the year brings lots of happiness, playful time and friends company and all this start from today.
  • Happy birthday to cutee, bubbly, softy sweetheart. I wish you enjoy a great time on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Messages For Husband/Wife

When it comes to expressing emotions to husband or wife, most people think it is not that important. This is not because they don’t care, but just because they presume that other person will understand. But, this should not be the case, when it’s the birthday of your husband or wife, you should not lose this opportunity to celebrate and add a spark in your life. Giving a gift, taking out for dinner, doing something for her or him are some usual things. Writing some heart touching special birthday wishes is something extraordinary and will help you in winning heart. This is how you can write a classic birthday message for your husband or wife.

  • Together you and I make our home, the world. I don’t love being in your lap forever. Happy Birthday my life partner forever.
  • I want to make your every birthday the happiest one. And you by being not a demanding husband, make it easier for me.
  • Happy birthday sweetheart. You have added so much sweetness in my life, I thank u for everything.
  • Before I say anything to you, you understand it well. This is why I love you so much.

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