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Holi 2019: Its Significance in India

Holi is an important festival celebrated every year in the spring month in India and now in neighboring countries as well. The festival last for full one day and start in the evening full moon day (Poornima). It falls in the month of Phalgun, which fall between February end and mid of March month. The festival starts in evening with Holika Dahan and after that, main festival holi is celebrated. Holi is celebrated with euphoria and enthusiasm all over India, but it is known by different names in various parts of the country. The celebration pattern of this festival also varies depending on the region.


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Holi In 2019

Holi in the year 2019 will be celebrated on 20 and 21st of March. The festival will start on 20th of March with Holika Dahan and on 21st March, Holi will be celebrated with colors, sweets and bhang.

Significance Of Holi In India

Each festival celebrated in India has some mythological history, cultural, social, ecological and biological importance. The same is true with Holi festival as well. The festival holds a huge significance and we will tell you about the same in parts.

Mythological Significance

There is a mythological legend linked with holi festival. The story has a powerful and egoistic kind Hiranyakashyap and his the devotee of God Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap was a self obsessed powerful king who considers himself as god. His desire was, everyone should worship him and not the God. He used to punish those who don’t do so. On the other hand, his only son Prahlad was believer of God, he respects his father, but refuse to accept him as God. Instead, he was the devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakahsyap in ire of his son’s attitude wanted to kill him. After trying everything to kill his son, he took his sister’s help, Holika. She had a boon that fire can’t burn her. Holika took Prahlad in her lap and sit on fire. In the extreme fire, Prahlab kept his faith on God, and his devotion saved him from fire, while Holika got burned in the same fire because of her creepy act. Next day, Hiranyakashayap, also got killed by Lord Narshimha when we wanted to kill his son by himself. This way people get rid of Hiranyakashayap cruelty, and the next day, after death of king Hiranyakashyap, people shared happiness by applying and spreading colors, distributing sweets. This way the celebration of Holi started

Like this, there are many similar fairy tales present that relates to beginning of Holi festival. And the gist of all stories is ‘win of good on bad’.

Cultural Significance

All mythological stories associated with Holi deliver one message at end, ‘victory of good over bad’. All legends guide people to practice good behavior and follow the path of truth. When people inherit this message in their attitude, it becomes culture of that place. Holi develops a culture of brotherhood and harmony in society by spreading happiness.

Social Significance

Holi plays a significant role in keeping different people of society together. Though, it is the festival of Hindus, but it is celebrated by all communities in India, despite belonging to various culture, religion and values. Holi teaches a lesson ‘forget your enemies on the day’. On the occasion of Holi, people forgetting their social status celebrate festival with zeal and enthusiasm.

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Biological Significance

The festival of holi relates to our lives as well, and it has biological significance too. Holi comes in the month of Phagun. During this month, climate changes from cold to hot and lots of variation take place in the body as well. Abeer used in Holi has a soothing effect and reduces body temperature. It enters into the body pores, strengthen ions present in the body.

During this period, because of temperature variation harmful bacteria grows in our surrounding. When holika dahan is done, the overall temperature of atmosphere rise to a 145 degree. At this temperature, harmful bacteria in the environment and human body get destroyed, and our surrounding becomes clean and healthy.

In Southern part of India, after holika dahan, people mix ash with paste of sandalwood and apply it on their forehead. They also east mango leaves and its flowers that promote good health.

People cleanup their house to celebrate holi. This way they clean up all mess present at home, making house free from mosquitoes and other insects that normally grows during this weather.

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