Instagram replaces link sticker swipe-up feature on August 30


All good things have to be done. Instagram Is constantly improving its platform and preparing to make minor changes to one of the features that are popular with some account owners. With about a billion active users worldwide, Instagram is migrating from old to new to provide a more creative approach to its users.

If you were like me, you probably ignored today’s notice that shared Instagram will discontinue the swipe-up feature.according to In danger The platform will remove the ability to access external web pages by adding a link to the story on August 30th. Instagram has decided to remove this feature to streamline the user’s storytelling experience and provide more creative control.

If you’re worried about sharing a web page, don’t. Instagram has an alternative to the swipe-up feature. Users will be able to use “link stickers” in their stories to access sharing on external websites. Now you can see that Instagram doesn’t just make changes without proper research. Social networking services that share photos and videos have been working on minor changes for some time. The report states that we started testing the updated sticker feature in June.

During testing, former Instagram product manager Vishal Shah told Verge that the sticker was more suited to the current platform usage. The biggest difference between the swipe feature and the link sticker feature is that the viewer can respond to stories with link stickers, but not swipe-up stories.

Rumi, are you here for this subtle change?

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Instagram replaces link sticker swipe-up feature on August 30

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