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Its Propose Day, If Want To Listen “Yes” Follow Tips

The love season has enclasp lovebirds already and now it is the second day of love week also known as propose day. The day to share your feelings to someone who you think is the love of your life. So, when love is in the air, don’t hesitate to share your feelings, maybe this season you also douse in love ocean and savor the warmth of this wonderful emotion.

Romantic Propose Day Card

Proposing someone and expecting a positive answer is a desire that every lover has in his mind, but getting reply as anticipated is not always on the card. When you decide to express your feelings your pulsation begins to pound, nerves get down and you lose all your confidence. However, by using the right tricks, you can confidently propose your partner and get her ‘Yes’.

Without wasting your time talking about the history of propose day and valentine’s day, we tell you tips to propose your love so that you get the answer what you want.

Take Her Out For Dinner – Girls are an attention seeking creator. They love to be chased and pampered. When you tell them how important they are in your life, they can never say ‘No’ to any proposal. And what is the better way of saying this than taking her on a lavish dinner on the special propose day. But, when you both are not so close even now, instead of giving her a surprise, call her and fix an appointment in advance. This, you can do to your beau also. This is a traditional way, but remember ‘old is gold’.

Flash Mob Proposal –  If you have watched the Bollywood movie “Dostana”, you will make it out what we are trying to say here, remember the trick John used, to propose Priynaka on the date, the flash mob proposal is the same. Decide one song and a location, choreograph that dance well and perform it on the day, when you are going to propose your love. And for this, there is not a better day than the propose day itself.

Take Her To The Place You Met For The First Time –If your love has given you indications that she also likes you, already, then proposing her at the place where you guys met for the first time is a wonderful idea. When you have made this plan to propose her, add a surprise element in your love drama. Don’t inform where you are taking her. If possible, close her eyes or ask her to do so till you reach at your destination. Don’t forget to click on her ‘Ohww’ face when she will open her eyes. Most of the girls like this.

You can also try some other ideas, such as taking her on the beach and proposing in Bollywood style. Keeping your arms open and wide and tell her how much you love her or you can also try boxed proposal, place a letter in a small box and keep it another box, make multiple layers.

So, these are some tips to propose your love on the very special propose day. Now, when it comes to proposing your love to hold your hand forever or to secure her place in your heart without end, it doesn’t mean you cannot propose your girlfriend again. Girls love surprises and they will ponder her love on you if you make them feel how important they are in your life.

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