Lee County Schools responds to letters from teachers


Lee County

The Lee County school district accommodates teachers who have sent letters requesting changes.

On Friday, WINK news told you Teachers’ unions are concerned that there is no COVID-19 protocol in the district.

In the letter sent Friday, the Lee County Teachers’ Association is worried that too many staff may have been quarantined.

And the teacher reporting the work Need to take on more students now To supplement teachers in quarantine.

The union asked the SDLC how to decide which schools to keep open. The school district will consider closing the school only if 5% of students, staff, and employees were quarantined last year. But this year, they are changing this policy.

Robs Spicker is a school spokesman for Lee County. “We will now take a closer look at the individual base and its implications. If it’s one thing to focus on closing classrooms, do it. If it spreads more throughout the school, We will take appropriate action, “Spicker said.

Debbie Jordan is chair of the Lee County Board of Education, and she personally asked her supervisor to rethink some of last year’s COVID-19 protocols, such as ongoing corridors.

Jordan wants the district to do everything it can to keep people safe Follow Governor Desantis Executive Order.. The executive order prevents the district from mandating masks.

Lee County Schools responds to letters from teachers

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