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Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Wife & Status

Last Updated:12th December, 2020

Marriage is a special bond made in heaven. And, the anniversary is the time to relive that celebration. It is a time full of memories, recalling promises, forgetting grudge and making fresh commitments of love and devotion. It is the time, both partners should come forward to express their emotions to make this day a special one. However, it is expected from husbands to do more, because wives are the one who loved to be adored.
Now, when it comes to expressing love, moulding words, most men are pathetic. So, to help you, we have an amazing collection of marriage anniversary quotes for wife that you can use either as an inspiration or send it directly. Many husbands have impressed their better-halves this way, why are you lagging behind.

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  • When we first met, I find a great friend in you, slowly the relationship turned into love and then the life partner. Still, you are my best friend. That’s the beauty of our relationship. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

  • Together we have come a long way, now we both can’t live without each other. And I confess that my survival chances are lesser. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

  • Thanks for supporting me in all my ups and downs, thick and thin. I commit that I too will take care of you the same way. Happy anniversary love.

  • When there are so many things to thank for, person settles for “I love you” only. Love you darling, and happy wedding anniversary to both of us.

  • This is being 10 years we are together, but it seems like, everything has happened just a year back. Maybe this is your love that had made our journey so pleasurable. Lots of love and good wishes for anniversary dear wife.

  • If I say, it’s our collective efforts that have made our marriage exemplary, it would be wrong. It’s all because of you, and you deserve all credit. Thanks for being my wife. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

  • Oh, its another milestone. I am proud, we have achieved another successful year of our marriage. I admit I loved the whole year like nothing else. Happy anniversary, my darling wife, and I love you a lot.

  • Each day spent with you seems magical. You have made my life incredibly great. Thanks for all support and encouragement, dear wife. Happy Anniversary, I love you a lot.

  • I wanna gift you the most expensive jewellery. The necklace of my arms around your neck, holding you close and kissing your beautiful lips. I know, you love it most. Happy Anniversary, my sweetheart.

  • When both partners understand and care for each other, every journey becomes love-filled and incredibly great. Thanks for loving me so much. Happy Anniversary, my darling wife.

    • Many-many happy returns of the day my dearest wife. While thinking, what should I give you as our anniversary gift, I realized, you love my undivided time the most. Thanks for being so wise and sorted with me. Love you sweetheart, happy anniversary.

    • Wish you happy anniversary my beautiful and lovely wife. Love you a lot.

    • Happy anniversary to my lovely wife of many years. The best part of our marriage, it will never get too old to say “I Love You”

    • God might have wanted to end my pains. That’s why he sent you in my life, and then made you my wife. Thanks for all the support and love. Love you my wife, happy anniversary.

    • Happy Anniversary to the woman I love most and want to dedicate my life to her. Love you a lot.

    • 5th marriage anniversary wishes to wife

      5th marriage anniversary wishes to wife
      • In the last five years of our marriage, I have learned a lot from you, right from cooking, managing home to love you like nothing else. Happy fifth anniversary, sweetheart.

      • It’s our 5th anniversary, sweetheart, and the love in our relationship is still so fresh that it seems like we got married just yesterday. Happy Anniversary sweetheart.

      • It’s your magic or my love for you that has made our 5-year journey so blissful. Anyways, without thinking much, let’s enjoy the moment.


      • Holding your hands tight, loving you with all pride, I wanna say, you are the girl I love the most and will do so although my life. Happy 5th-anniversary dear wife.

      • You have been a loving wife, caring partner, darling mother and top of all that, you are an amazing person, whom I love the most. Happy 5th anniversary.

      • Love you, my sweetheart. With you, I feel like living in heaven. I have been feeling this for the past five years, and I think this feeling gonna continue till my last breath. Happy 5th anniversary.

      • After the ring on our engagement, I gave you my life’s wings on our wedding day. And you have been taking care of it wonderfully from the past 5 years. Thanks for that.

      • My life was like a deadly desert, my kids were all alone. Then, you came into our life like a storm and blew away all pain. We started living again, love you, sweetheart, never ever leave us alone. Happy 5th anniversary.

      Funny marriage anniversary quotes for wife

      Funny marriage anniversary quotes for wife
      • We fight for small issues, we disagree over things, we argue for long hours, sometimes we even sleep apart. But at the end of all, we become together, isn’t that funny? Before we start, Happy anniversary my honey.

      • Amazingly, we are tolerating each other from past so many years. Top of that, we accept that we love each other. Happy Anniversary.

      • Hey honey, you sucked up all my money throughout the year. So, no expensive anniversary gift for this year. Love you babe, happy anniversary.

      • By following my way blindly, you give me the feeling that I am the boss in our marriage. And by following your direction like a dump, I give you the feeling that you are the boss in our marriage. The secret of our love-filled marriage. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.

      • Hey sweetheart, like last year, I have not forgotten to bring a gift for you. Happy Anniversary.

      • The biggest surprise for you on our anniversary. You and I are made for each other. No one could have borne us so well. Happy anniversary, dear wife.

      • Leaving all my pains, sorrows, disagreements, wishing you a happy-happy marriage anniversary, dear wife. Just to remind—– it’s my anniversary as well.

      • Whist wishing me a happy anniversary, my friends asked the secret of our happy marriage. I said I am the boss in my relationship. This my wife has asked me to say. And I am following her without arguing.

      10th marriage anniversary wishes for wife

      10th marriage anniversary wishes for wife
      • Our 10th marriage anniversary without any doubt needs a celebration. Just wait for the surprise, my darling wife.

      • We have completed 10 years of our marriage, and it has been an incredible experience. Thanks for holding my hands 10 years back and supporting me all the time. Happy 10th anniversary to you, dearest wife.

      • So many things have changed in the last 10 years. We got promoted in jobs, we became parents, more responsibilities. But one thing is still stagnant and that is my love for my beautiful wife, happy anniversary sweetheart.

      • I can’t explain how happy I am while celebrating the 10th year of our anniversary. It’s 10 years of togetherness, we are celebrating. Happy anniversary to you and me.

      • To my lovely, beautiful, charming, intelligent and magnificent wife, I love you a lot and wishing you happy 10th anniversary.

      • Just like every year, I am sure I am the first one to wish you a happy anniversary. It’s the 10th year consecutively dear. Love you always.

      • Wishing you happy anniversary dear wife. You were the most gorgeous woman of life, you are the one and you will be the only one. Love you sweetheart.

      • Wishing you a healthy and happy 10th marriage anniversary, my sweetheart. May you get everything in abundance in your life, in addition to my love.

      25th marriage anniversary quotes for wife

      • Your love has supported me every way from dusk to dawn. I don’t have words to say you thanks. I love you my sweetheart, and I desire to celebrate the 50th anniversary with you.

      • We have spent 25 years of togetherness. And if I remember, I have not spent even a single day without talking to you. You are not just my life but my lifeline. Happy anniversary to you my dear wife.

      • You are an amazing lady, you are perfect mother, an understanding partner, a great homemaker and a successful professional. Please tell me, dear, do you know any magic. Anyways, I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

      • For 25 years, you are serving my family and me lots of love and care. A wonderful 25th-anniversary celebration is just a small return for you. Love you sweetheart.

      • We have covered a long way together, have seen a lot and faced a lot. During all through our journey, I loved you a lot. Happy 25th anniversary my love.

      • Our anniversary is the celebration of our love, respect for each other and coordination. Let’s celebrate it in our way. Happy 25th anniversary, sweetheart.

      • Thanks for being my partner, my source of inspiration, my friend and my lover. Wish you happy 25th-anniversary, dear.

      • Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife, who is also my better half. I called you better-half because I think, no one could ever replace you from my life.

      A wife is a person who will stand by your side in every situation. After parents, they are the one who would always think good about you. So, never leave any opportunity of making her feel special. Anniversary is one of the important dates in her life, and she expects a lot from her husband. Your simple love you or happy anniversary message will make her day. To help you, we have tried to compile all types of emotions in our marriage anniversary quotes for wife collection. Now, it’s your turn to use these messages to win her heart.

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