Migrating to WhatsApp Business


Download and set up the WhatsApp Business app

1. Create a backup of your WhatsApp Messenger account: If you’re transferring a WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp Business, we recommend creating a backup. Not creating a backup could result in the loss of your chat history. Open WhatsApp Messenger. On Android, tap then tap Settings . On iPhone, tap Settings from your chats screen. From Settings, tap Chats then Chat backup then Back Up or Back Up Now. Once your backup is complete, move on to the next step.

2. Download and launch the WhatsApp Business app: The WhatsApp Business app is free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Tap the WhatsApp Business icon on your home screen.

3. Review the Terms of Service: Read the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service, then tap Agree and Continue to accept the terms.

4. Register: WhatsApp Business automatically identifies the number you’re using in WhatsApp Messenger. To continue, tap the option with your business number.

5. Transfer your account: Keep the WhatsApp Business app open and your phone turned on until the account transfer process is complete. While the transfer happens automatically, you might be prompted to restore from your backup. Tap Continue or Restore. Then, tap Next if prompted.

6. Allow access to contacts and photos: Contacts can be added to the WhatsApp Business app from your phone’s address book. You can also allow access to your phone’s photos, videos, and files.

7. Create an account: Fill out your business name, select a business category, and choose a profile picture.

8. Build your business profile: Tap EXPLORE > Business profile. Here, you can add important business information like your business address, description, hours, and more.

9. Start a chat. Your business profile is now set up. Tap or , then search for or select a contact to message. Enter a message in the text field. Then, tap or .

Explore WhatsApp Business Tools

The WhatsApp Business app has several tools to help you run your business efficiently. To explore these tools, go to your chats screen. Tap More Options on Android or Settings on iPhone. Then, tap Business tools.

• Catalog: Showcase and share your products and services within your business account. Learn how to create a catalog on Android or iPhone.

• Short link: Make it easy for new customers to connect with you. Share the auto-generated short link with new customers to enable them to message your business. Learn how to use short links on Android or iPhone.

• Messaging tools: Use WhatsApp messaging templates to build key conversations in advance. Create automated greeting messages to engage with new customers. Set away messages to let customers know when you’ll be back, or build quick replies to answer frequently asked questions. For more information on messaging tools, read the following articles:

– How to use greeting messages on Android or iPhone
– How to use away messages on Android or iPhone
– How to use quick replies on Android or iPhone

• Labels: Sort your conversations with customers into helpful categories, like “New customers” or “Pending orders.” Learn how to use labels on Android or iPhone.