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Or Nah (feat. Marcus Moody) Lyrics Eric Bellinger ※ |

Can I give you that freak shit? No weak shit. Or nah?
Can we do it all week-end, with your knees bent, or nah?
I know exactly what, exactly what you like
Do you want your head all on that headboard or nah?
I can give you anything you want, all you gotta do is say ok.
Baby, if you let me get on top, I’ll have you feelin’ some typeaway
But I only want to give it to you, if you want me to give it to you
Do you want it or nah?
Let me know. Let me know… or nah!
What’s it gonna be? Acting like you don’t want the D
Bad bitch they come and leave but see you the type I might have to keep, likeI wanna make your legs shake, you gone let me taste or nah?
Actin like you don’t want it girl, don’t lie!
I wanna be deep oh so deep in them die.
All you gotta say is do it to me!Girl it’s that P.I.M.P.ology, girl, collage E,
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If you wanna through it at some wallabies,
36 chambers and angles, I thank you for all that ass your mamma gave you
Those student loans Obama gave you’Cause you ball hard like Senat Lately
Focused on that edumication,
Capital mouth, your head proper, can you be my head doctor?
Upper case, double D’s, break that branch, roll that tree, pour that wine, tilt that glass, turn off the lights Teddy Pendergrass. Then pin that ass up like a picture from drea on the wall of any ninth grader
My face all in that pussy, you like it like that or nah? Yeah I’m king of the jungle.
No lion tho I don’t go raw raw raw. Girl take this dungeon dragon.
Throw this dick like till your underhanded. Real shit understandin’ now can I see what’s under panties or nah?Do you really want it or nah?
Tell me do you want it or nah?
Can I give it to you or nah?
Tell me do you want it or nah?