The Complicated Sexual History of David Bowie

The world mourned the actor and singer David Bowie on Monday, who died Sunday night after an 18-month fight with cancer. One of the most influential musicians of the past several decades, the two-time Grammy winner influenced queer culture, changed how the world viewed fashion trends and inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of musicians, artists and entertainers across the globe. […]

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Kalashnikov Eyes Digital Ruble Settlements as Russia Aims to Replace ‘Dirty Money’ – Finance Bitcoin News

Kalashnikov Group, the Russian firearms manufacturer, is ready to transition to settlements in digital currency. The announcement came from the international economic forum in Saint Petersburg where the central bank of Russia reaffirmed its intention to replace “dirty” and “infectious” paper cash with the digital ruble that’s currently under development. Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern Looks Forward […]