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Pinyin Lyrics ITSOGOO – 問題 (Wen Ti) 歌词 |

Pinyin Lyrics ITSOGOO – 問題 (Wen Ti) 歌词
Title: 問題 (Wen Ti)
什麼人是累贅 什麼事兒誰不對
Shenme ren shi leizhui shenme shi er shui budui
什麼算有素質 什麼才算道德完美
shenme suan you suzhi shenme cai suan daode wanmei
什麼算是缺陷 什麼算是考驗
shenme suanshi quexian shenme suanshi kaoyan
shenme yang de shenghuo daowei shi shui zai shao qian
為什麼進食 為什麼生活總有煩事
weisheme jinshi weisheme shenghuo zong you fan shi
zenme ni he wo zhi jian women dou ge huai xinshi
weisheme baochi zhencheng dou xuyao jiao jin naozhi
weisheme que de jiushi que de shenme dou bu hao shi
為什麼搬家 為了什麼討價還價
weisheme banjia weile shenme taojiahuanjia
weisheme shou fangzu de renmen jihu dou you jin ya
為什麼打架 為了什麼滿嘴髒話
weisheme dajia weile shenme manzui zanghua
weisheme qiruanpaying zhen dao shi er shang du bu shuohua
誰想當幫匪 誰又擁有bangbangclap
shui xiang dang bang fei shui you yongyou bangbangclap
你擁有什麼信仰 上帝 如來 還是阿拉
ni yongyou she me xinyang shangdi rulai haishi ala
為什麼羡慕妒忌 你還在垂死掙扎
weisheme xianmu duji ni hai zai chuisi zhengzha
請離Hip Hop遠一點兒 我怕你搞垮
qing li Hip Hop yuan yidian er wo pa ni gao kua
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問題 (Wen Ti) – English Translation

Who is a burden? Who is wrong?
What is quality and what is moral perfection
What is a defect? What is a test?
What kind of life is in place who is burning money
Why eat? Why is life always troublesome?
Why do we both have our own concerns between you and me
Why you need to rack your brains to stay true
Why is it lacking is not working
Why are you moving? Why are you bargaining?
Why do people who collect rent almost have gold teeth
Why are you fighting for swearing?
Why don’t you talk about being bullied and afraid of being hard?
Who wants to be a gang? Who has bangbangclap?
What kind of belief do you have? God Tathagata or Allah
Why are you envious and jealous, you are still struggling
Please stay away from hip hop, I’m afraid you will ruin it
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Pinyin Lyrics ITSOGOO – 問題 (Wen Ti) 歌词
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