Pokemon Go Marill Limited Research Event Set For May 9

Niantic is holding a new Limited Research event in Pokemon Go today, May 9. The event runs from 8 AM to 10 PM local time and gives you more chances to catch the Water/Fairy Pokemon Marill, as well as its Shiny variant.

Throughout the Limited Research event, Niantic is offering event-exclusive Field and Timed Research tasks that lead to encounters with Marill, giving you more opportunities to catch the Water Mouse Pokemon. On top of that, Niantic says that Shiny Marill will be available during the event. You can read more details on the official Pokemon Go blog.

In addition to the Marill Limited Research, Niantic is holding a Luminous Legends X event in Pokemon Go until May 17. That event introduces a handful of new Dragon and Fairy Gen 6 Pokemon to the game, including Spritzee, Swirlix, Goomy, and the Legendary Xerneas. The latter will appear as a five-star Raid boss until May 18.

Niantic is following that event up with a Luminous Legends Y event from May 18-31. While the studio hasn’t shared many details on it just yet, it did confirm that the Legendary Pokemon Yveltal will be featured in five-star Raids throughout the event, and it seems there will be increased Team Go Rocket activity.

Niantic has a few other May events lined up for the game over the next few weeks, including May’s Community Day. That event is set for next Saturday, May 15, and will feature the Cotton Bird Pokemon Swablu. Immediately following the Community Day, Mega Altaria will make its debut in the game.

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