Premier League joke about having full St James Park in 2021/22

St James Park will host Newcastle United’s first match of the 2021/22 season.

The NUFC fixtures (see below) announced on Wednesday morning for the upcoming schedule taking us up to May 2022.

West Ham will be the visitors on the opening weekend of Saturday 14 August, with the broadcasters set to confirm by Monday (21 June 2021) at the latest whether the St James Park match will be moved from 3pm Saturday (14 August) for live broadcast by the TV companies.

Premier League announcing:

“The Premier League and its clubs are committed to the ambition of having full stadiums, including away supporters, from the start of the season, and will continue to work closely with Government and all relevant authorities, ensuring operational plans are in place ready to safely welcome supporters back to stadiums in August.”

Hmmm, I know the Premier League have been having a laugh at the expense of Newcastle fans for some time, the NUFC unfulfilled takeover of course at the centre of it, though sending NUFC supporters to Southampton on New Year’s Day shows they haven’t forgotten us either…

However, a bit extreme now joking about having a full St James Park in 2021/22, even if the virus conditions would allow it.

When the West Ham match comes around two weeks into August 2021, it will be over 27 months since we last saw a full St James Park of paying customers.

With Mike Ashley forcing Rafa Benitez out, it was the last straw for thousands and thousands of Newcastle fans, especially when Steve Bruce was announced as the latest puppet appointment, Ashley making absolutely sure we knew that when he gave Bruce the ‘head coach’ title and not that of manager.

The 2019/20 season seeing such massive empty gaps inside St James Park, Mike Ashley taking the embarrassing step of having to give away 10,000 free season tickets.

These last 15 months where games have been behind closed doors, have seen some absolutely shocking football, both style and results wise. Very difficult to see healthy crowds at St James Park unless something significant happens, never mind the ground full.

When 10,000 Newcastle fans were allowed into the final (Sheff Utd) home match last month, Mike Ashley even struggled to sell out that small amount of tickets.

We can just dream that one day we will be rid of Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce, then it will be the opposite, St James Park back to having a waiting list for season tickets, as we saw back in the day.

The new Premier League campaign kicking off on the weekend of Saturday 14 August and this is how the schedule looks pre-TV choices:

Newcastle United Fixtures 2021/22

So much unknown at the minute regarding Newcastle United but certainly, unless a change of ownership, very difficult to see a full (paying!) St James Park at any time during the 2021/22 season.