Report: Amal And George Clooney Renewed Vows In Lake Como, Have Baby #3 On The Way


close up of George Clooney smiling at and eyeing Amal Clooney

Are George Clooney and Amal Clooney having another baby? One report says they settled their marital issues with a vow renewal in Lake Como, and they plan to seal their bliss with a pregnancy. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘All Aboard The Love Boat’

According to New Idea, friends of the Clooneys are relieved to see them survive past the seven-year itch. George and Amal Clooney have renewed their vows at Lake Como after facing years of ups and downs. A witness explained, “Word on the street is that it was a vow renewal, but it also looked like they had something extra to announce.”

Amal was sporting what appeared to be a baby bump. A source explains that the couple had been living separate lives, but they ultimately managed to tough out those tough times. The story concludes with a source saying, “If she’s pregnant they’d be overjoyed — the twins have been pestering her for another sibling!”

Speaking For Children?

The sources in this story claim to know what the Clooney twins want. Think about that for a second: How in blazes could New Idea have that intimate access to the family and still be so wishy-washy about a pregnancy?

The Clooneys own a villa in Lake Como, and this was their first party there since 2019. A source told People, “Friends that they didn’t see during the pandemic are very excited that they are back.” This is corroborated by Page Six, who believe this outing was just dinner and a party — not a vow renewal.

As for the baby bump, that’s just the style of the dress Amal is wearing. The waves of the butterfly dress match how the bottom looks, which can make it poof in the middle.

She and George have no interest in another baby. Gossip Cop has already busted so many stories claiming that the Clooneys will have another marriage-saving baby, yet that baby never comes. There’s no reason the Clooneys would want to keep a vow renewal a secret, so this story just doesn’t add up.

Bad Reputation

New Idea maintains that the Clooneys are splitting up. George is apparently leaning on Jennifer Aniston to cope. He’s also supposedly getting into California politics. This string of bogus stories just proves how little the tabloid really knows about the couple.

This entire story is false. There was no separation in the first place and no serious issues that the Clooneys needed to overcome. Their family is as strong as ever, and they don’t need to have another baby to prove it.

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