Spider-Man Reveals The Secret Power Everybody Forgets He Has


In the new annual issue for Amazing Spider-Man, readers see that Peter Parker’s web-slinging is a lot harder than it may seem.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2

In Marvel Comics’ new annual issue for The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker confirms the secret power that everybody forgets he has. Tying into Marvel’s Infinite Destinies event, Spider-Man is facing Ripley Ryan’s Star, the current wielder of the Reality Stone. Ripely has been going overboard with her powers to make reality whatever she wants it to be. This includes giving herself web-shooters when Spider-Man arrives to try and stop her, though she soon realizes that web-swinging is a lot harder than it looks.

As Infinite Destinies has gone on, different Marvel heroes have been facing off with the Infinity Stone Bearers who were all chosen by the stones themselves. This is thanks to Adam Warlock, who gave the stones a level of sentience to choose their own destiny in the Marvel Universe. While Iron Man dealt with Quantum (wielder of the Space Stone), Captain America and Black Widow took on Overtime (wielder of the Time Stone). Now, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 from writer Karla Pacheco and artist Eleonora Carlini sees Peter Parker trying to stop Ripley Ryan’s Star from using the Reality Stone’s power to kill the bullies at her old high school.

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Ripely decides during their fight that she wants “web-stuff” off her own, using her powers to give herself web-shooters so she can swing away seemingly without a problem. However, while even Spider-Man notes that she was off to a good start swinging from building to building, she soon wiped out and landed pretty hard in an alleyway. This is where Spider-Man confirms that web-swinging takes some serious skills: “Everyone thinks it’s soooooo easy, like you just go ‘pew! pew! thiiiwp.'” As it turns out, web-swinging can really take it out of a person, and Spider-Man just makes it look easy thanks to his years of practice and experience.


The fact that Spider-Man’s web-swinging is super difficult makes perfect sense. Not only does it no doubt warrant a lot of strength to consistently swing from web to web, but it also requires fast reaction times and the ability to deduce the perfect anchor points while picking the right moment to release before shooting and grabbing the next web to maintain momentum and speed. While a lot of this is probably helped by Peter Parker having spider-senses, having the knowledge of the physics behind the webslinging itself is probably something he’s familiarized himself with as well, being the brilliant mind that he is.

So Star certainly learned the hard way that web-swinging is not for the faint of heart. It apparently takes a lot of commitment, focus, and excellent response times. Additionally, the fact that Spider-Man is so appreciative of Star’s confession that his web-swinging is harder than it looks is hilarious, especially because he makes it look so easy while swinging through New York.

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