The Best Congratulations Quotes Collection

Congratulations! Your hard work has finally paid for you. 
Never leave a chance to congratulate someone if they have achieved something. 
If you can’t say anything else to someone’s for their achievement, just congratulate the person. 
Congratulate the person for their achievement, it enhances their performance!
May this success lead to a greater achievement in the years to come. Congratulations for present and upcoming successes.
I wish you a hearty congratulation on this pleasant occasion. May your life always shower you with such happy and successful moments.

Congrats just seems a small word, on all you efforts so good, you have reached the pinnacle of heights, and here is a touch wood, get more success in years to come!
Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together. Congratulations!
When you thought, when you planned, when you tried and when you did it, successfully. Congratulations you did it on your own!
You were always your first, compete within you because you were there at your lows and you are going to be there along at your highs. Congratulations for the biggest achievement!
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. – Sun Tzu

I think some people that even went away to college still haven’t grown up yet. High school is over, you peaked senior year congrats. -Unknown Quotes

Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken. Yogi Berra

Success comes to those who deserve it. Congratulations! -Unknown Quotes

Congratulations Quotes for Success

Congratulations Quotes for Success
Success comes to only one who works hard to achieve it. Enjoy now the success is yours.
The word Congratulations will not do justice to what you have achieved. You have conquered the success.

You are the smartest, you proved it again. You deserve this success. Congratulations!
Success brings in happiness and a sense of pride. Congratulations on your inspiring success!
You stay on your words and this time also you nailed it. A big congratulation to the Bravo.
You are awesome, you are wonderful, you are a masterpiece. Congrats for your achievement, tell me when to toss.
Every time we start thinking you are out of the show, you turn with a grand opening. Bravo for such tremendous success.
The camera is rolling, and it’s moving toward you to capture this wonderful moment. Congratulation my superhero for the grand success.
I am very very happy for you and your most awaited success and I wish more of these days in your life. Congratulations, cheers for many more to come!
Congratulations is just feelings of telling but trust me you made us all so proud that we are on cloud nine. Congrats for you success, may you always have a successful life ahead!
Your desire and hard work always kept pushing you to achieve more and more toward your goal, today is the day when you made us all happy and proud. Congratulations dear!
I have believed that having faith in yourself can work wonders and I could see the right example of you. Congratulations for your unbeatable success.
Wishing you more of the days when you are happy and proud, may you always be this successful. Seize the moment, congratulations!
Dearest friend, you have been an amazing inspirations to me and to many like me but I am proud to se your there. Congratulations!
Congratulations for Winning Quotes
A hearty congratulations on your promotions. May your new designation get you more fame.
May you succeed in your new promoted job. Congratulations on achieving your dreams.
You are a great achiever. People have recognized it and promoted you. May this promotion bring lots of joy and happiness.
Attitude and gratitude matters a lot to achieve success. Right amount of it has fetched you this promotion. Congratulations on your promotions!
The new designation, the new roles and the new place are all set to hug you tight. It’s a Bingo moment for all of us, congratulation champ
This is what you have been waiting for. Now, this is the celebration time. A big congratulation to and everyone associated.
Congratulations! This is the time to celebrate your success.
The promotion you have got is all because of your efforts. Do the best is what I wanna say to you. Congrats and all the best for the future.
No wonder that I will miss you so much but to reach your destination we have leave from somewhere, congratulation on your promotion!
May you always work hard and keep getting promoted because your ultimate goal is still waiting for you. Congratulations buddy!
So technically you are my boss now! Congratulations to my dearest friend you set examples of hard work and patience, good luck. Keep rocking!
Having people like you around me keeps me motivating and moving towards achieving my goal. Congratulations on your promotion, keep spreading your wings!
Whenever we think we have almost reached for achieved our goal, it gets bigger and bigger. But truly you are standing at a position you always wishes for, congratulations!
Your promotion is a big deal means we are getting a big party. Congratulations on your promotion, you are finally getting what you want!

Congratulations for Winning Quotes

Congratulations Cards
You have not just won the competition but also made into many hearts. Congratulations on winning.
Congratulations on your best winning moments. Your hard work has fetched sweet fruits.
The one who is always working towards achieving wins. Congratulations on your great win!
You have always worked hard. Your struggles were in silence, now your winning is making all the noise. Congratulations!
The fruit of hard work has been always sweet, and your win is the same. You truly deserve this. Congratulation for your win.
Your win has made all of us proud of you. A big congratulation for your amazing success.
With your efforts, you have turned your dream into reality. Congrats for the accomplishment and success from the depth of heart.
We are proud that you accomplished your goal. Have a great day, Congrats with a big heart!
When you took baby steps it looked like one day you will fail but today those baby steps have turned a biggest milestone for you, congratulations, you won!
Success and failure are just two sides, in today’s world you win even when you fail but you nailed it. Congratulations for winning this!
Celebrating your success was one of my dream and today we both are celebrating one, congratulations you won my dear friend!
Congratulations your world has turned upside down in just few minutes. You have finally won this and now a new life is waiting for you.
I could not think what to say I was short of words, you have always made all of us proud. Congratulations for me you have always won!
Get ready for a new life, a new start and definitely a new world. Congratulations on your winning, you have always made us proud and happy! God bless you

Congratulations Quotes for Job

Great achievement! Congratulations on your new job. May this job bring lots of satisfaction.
You have carved a beautiful future for yourself. May you have grand success in your career. Congratulations on your job!
You have grabbed what many dream of. Your hard work paid off. Congratulations on your dream job!
You were always confident in working towards your dreams. And today you are living it. Congratulations, you deserve this job.
Nothing could stop you from achieving what you want in life. This time too, you made it clear to everyone. Congrats!
Congratulation for the job, you deserve the success after all you have so hard for it.
After so much of hard days, not you have got what you wanted. Success came late to you and its sweeter than what you expected. Congratulation!
Nothing can make you happier than achieving your goal after man failures. Bravo, you nailed it!
The dream job in your hand in that appointment letter, it’s waiting for you.
Congratulations buddy you have finally earned it and did it by yourself.
Congratulations on your job, I have seen the way you have struggled and sacrificed so many things for this job and now you have it in your hand.
A new company is waiting for you and a new life maybe too. Congratulations for your job, you will always be missed.
We all knew that one day you would achieve it all and all your dreams would come true. Congratulations for you job. Wish you luck!
You gave it up all for this job and now it’s knocking you door. Go and live your dream, congratulations for your job wishing more of success to you!
Congrats on getting your job, well all your late arriving office excuse has gone because you have to be on time in your new company. Good luck!

Congratulations Quotes on Success in Exams

Your actions to achieve your dreams have won again. Congratulations on your accomplishments in the exam.

The whole family is proud of your exam results. God bless you.
Congratulations on your fabulous success. Examination results are flying colors.
Your result needs grand celebrations. And all the best for your future aspirations.
If I have been in your place, I would have given up, but you didn’t. May lots of success comes your way. Congratulations for today and tomorrow
Your success in this exam clearly states that there is no failure for you. Congrats!
Many-many congratulations to you for today and tomorrow. May you receive the best not only today but always.
Congrats for the success, may you receive the most sought after reward for your hard work.
Exams are just the test of your IQ, trust me without even studying your mom kwows it all, anyways congrats on clearing the exam!
Your all night studies and all day sleeping has finally let success drop your door, congratulations on successful achieving in this exam.
I would like to take this moment to celebrate your success in your exam, congratulations with passing and scoring the maximum number.
Congratulations my dearest topper, you were really good during these exams and I hope you continue chasing your dreams.
Successfully passed! Congratulations for your exams and next time it would just keep doubling your numbers. Wishing you luck!
You know studying is never about pressure it should be fun to gain some knowledge. Congratulations on your success in exams! Good wishes and good luck.

Famous Congratulations Quotes

Congratulation on your achievement. just remember, success is a consequence and must not be a goal. -Unknown Quotes

Your perseverance and your sure belief in your ability has led you to success. Congratulations -Unknown Quotes

Enthusiasm is the engine of success.. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Like a lighthouse on a dark night, may your love for one another always shine brightly. Congratulations on your wedding day. -Unknown Quotes

Love has united you as man and wife. May your love grow for each other every day! Many congratulations on your marriage! -Unknown Quotes

It is often hard to distinguish between the hard knocks in life and those of opportunity. – Frederick Phillips

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts. – Sir Winston Churchill

Congratulations is the civility of envy. Ambrose Bierce

If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal — that is your success. All nature is your congratulation. Henry David Thoreau

The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it. –Voltaire

Allow me to offer my congratulations on the truly admirable skill you have shown in keeping clear of the mark. Not to have hit once in so many trials, argues the most splendid talents for missing. Thomas De Quincey

May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. Congratulations! -Unknown

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement. Bo Bennett

Well done and congratulations! The fruit of your labor is sweet, and I must say you deserve it. Unknown

The news of the discovery spread fast all over the country, and inquisitive enquiries mingled with congratulations from this moment became the daily programme. Howard Carter

There is no one magic move or secret that creates victory, but lots of little items that when added together can make you victorious. Bill Tommey

Amazing people like you deserve amazing houses. Congratulations for this stunning new home.

I wish I could wrap your house in bubble wrap so that it would stay like this forever. Your new home is just perfect. Congratulations.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. -Albert Einstein

A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. Barnett R Brickner

The highest happiness on earth is marriage. William Lyon Phelps

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