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The Best Wedding Quotes & Saying

Last Updated:April 22, 2020

  • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person! –Mignon Mclaughlin

  • Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years. –Simone Signoret

  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

  • A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!

  • The best time to get married is the time when you decide, you want to get married not the people.

  • When life begins to seem boring, get married. Soon, interesting things will start happening in your life.

  • My wedding day was a party day for my friends and sobbing day for me after checking the bill.

  • The wedding day is full of surprises for groom and predicted by the bride.

  • Happy is a person who finds the true friend and happiest is the person who find that true friend in his/her husband or wife.

  • Finding the right partner is not easy and I am lucky that I have, the one who is not just right, but perfect

  • I married my wife by heart and so we have a happy living ever after

  • The secret of a happy marriage is both partners agree to help each other and respect each other.

  • If marriage is happy and successful, there is no better friendly, charming and lovely relationship than that.

  • Marriage is an institution where you learn how to love, sacrifice, understand, fight and again becomefriends.

  • Marriage is a relationship that demands commitment, nothing else.

  • I am the happiest married person, because I know what makes my wife happy.

  • When a husband treats his wife as princess, it shows that he has been broughtup like a prince in a queen’s arm.

  • If you want to live happy married life, never be miser in complimenting your wife.

Wedding Quotes for Bride

  • Every bride is special, she has that extra strength and power to hypnotize people around them.

  • I don’t know why the daughter’s parent says, their proudest day was when their daughter became a true bride.

  • A Bride is a boundary line when a girl leaves her single status officially and get into double status.

  • Being a beautiful bride is the dream of every girl, some reveal it, some don’t

  • A bride wants to be simple on her wedding putting all the make-ups and wearing the best of her gown.

Short Wedding Quotes

  • When I realized I have been loving you consistently for past four years without any doubt, I decided to marry you.

  • My wedding was the last day when I looked at pretty girls without any guilt.

  • When my friend wished me happy wedding with a smile, I got confused, it is a sarcasm or was the real wish.

  • The wedding is a special day and it should be planned to perfection

  • I decided to marry him because I love him, and more because he love him.

Wedding Quotes for Bride and Groom

  • A perfect marriage means falling in love with the same person many times.

  • In a perfect wedding bride and groom is the most tensed individuals.

  • The bride and groom do not look for a perfect marriage, they desire for celebration having more blessings than entertainment.

  • To be the perfect groom you have to win your would be wife heart at first and vice-versa

  • No one can define who is the most beautiful groom and bride

Famous Wedding Quotes

  • Getting you as my life partner was the most wonderful thing happened in my life

  • No, we are not married, we have committed to stay together forever in-front of many people.

  • Every married person will suggest you not to get married, and the fact is they have also received the same suggestion from others.

  • If you think wedding is the best day of your life, wait for the day when you will become parents.

  • I am being wedded to the right person is the feeling that everyone gets on their Big Day.

Pre Wedding Quotes

  • Holding your hands during the shoot, I had no doubt I’m made just for you.

  • The pre-wedding days are the most special one in one’s life, it is the real honeymoon period.

  • Don’t disturb me, I am enjoying my honeymoon period before wedding.

  • These are pre-wedding days. I am at the top of the world celebrating and enjoying love.

  • Pre-wedding is the best time I enjoyed with my wife. After that, she became my wife.

Wedding Quotes Funny

  • All my friends who suggested me not to get married are actually happily married.

  • When people say the concept of happy marriage does not exist, I actually doubt their commitment for relationship.

  • Wedding is the beginning of a new life, celebrate it hard as you don’t know what will be your future.

  • I wonder why all my friends said “All the best” on my wedding day?

  • Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding, now I want to relax “ This feeling you can never have after wedding”

Indian Wedding Quotes

  • Marry the person who loves you, not the one who you love

  • In a perfect wedding people are invited for showering blessings, not to show status

  • Indian weddings are the world best, it is more like an event than a wedding

  • Wedding is the time to celebrate the day of freedom and welcome to slavery

  • Be ready for the red carpet, it your day, you should look your best.

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