THE GIRL WHO GOT AWAY (2021) Preview of serial killer flick




The Girl Who Got Away is 2021 American horror film about a female serial killer who, years later, goes after the one victim who survived.

Written and directed by Michael Morrissey (Boy Wonder), the movie stars Audrey Grace Marshall (The Flight Attendant), Anni Krueger (Werewolves Within), Chukwudi Iwuji (John Wick: Chapter 2), Geoffrey Cantor (Daredevil), and Ned Van Zandt (The Blacklist).


Masena, New York, 1998. A decade of terror comes to a close with the capture of Elizabeth Caulfield, a serial killer who abducted and murdered the young girls she pretended were her own. All but one.


Christina Bowden is living a lonely and unassuming existence until Caulfield escapes from prison. Under new investigation, the stories of Christina’s past begin to unravel. There’s good and evil in everyone, but as the lies are unearthed, Christina needs to choose a side before the darkness of her secrets swallows her whole…

Release date:

The Girl Who Got Away will be released by Quiver theatrically and On-Demand platforms on August 20th.

Cast and characters:

Kaye Tuckerman … Elizabeth Caulfield
Anni Krueger … Amy Bailey
Audrey Grace Marshall … Young Katie
Lexi Johnson … Christina Bowden
Geoffrey Cantor … Terry Caldwell
Chukwudi Iwuji … Jamie Nwosu
Cade Tropeano … Tommy Tulane
Debra Lord Cooke … Arlene Bailey
Amanda Quaid … Linda Fields
Eddie Beveridge … Charlie Larson
Amy Russ … Carrie
Ned Van Zandt … Gerry Bailey
Deborah Unger … Jean Connolly
Jacob Dylan Igielski … Joey Reese (as Jacob Igielski)
Andreas Pliatsikas … Police Officer
Teresa Catherine … Kelly
Aubin Bradley … Tracey Fields
Abby C. Smith … Casey Bell
Willow McCarthy … Lisa Spencer
Andrew Hsu … Andrew Stewart
Andie Stanek … Renee Zwiller
Robert Michael Johnson … Matt Cohen
Christine Verleny … Carol Quinn
Michael Stephen Walls … Police Officer (as Michael S. Walls)
Aubrey Hickerson … Younger Child Katie
Kyle Mitchell … EMT