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The Significance of 7th February in Valentines Week

February is known as the month of ‘Love-ria’ syndromes. When the month of February begins, lovebirds start sailing dream boats in the Ocean of Love. They begin their journey of love seeking. Those who have not found their true mates also get in the love ocean to feel the warmth of this wonderful sentiment.

Cards for Rose Day


You don’t need an occasion to celebrate love, this is true, each day is an event when you are walking holding hands in hands, when you are passionate for each other, when nothing looks better than your partner, when the world seems pink and red. And then your partner reminds you how much he/she loves you and how badly he/she wants you, from a second you start sailing the same boat and get vanish in Love Ocean again, this feeling takes you to the top of the world. The month of February has been chosen by lovers to celebrate the most wonderful feelings in the Universe. Lovers has been given a week to celebrate love, to glorify love affection and its tenderness and take it to the top. The love week commences with rose day celebrated on 7th of February.

There is nothing better than lovely roses when it comes to expressing a feeling that words can’t do. Simply get a rose and give it to your partner and he/she would understand what you want to say. Roses are the epitome of love and so the love week begins with rose day.

On rose day, you can buy roses and present it to your partner. During the valentine week, roses are sold as fast as hot buns and each color of rose has some emotions. So, before you pick a rose for your partner, understand it well.

The Beginning Of Valentine

The valentine week is also known as love week and you would hear different tales from different mouths about valentine, this week and what it symbolizes. But, if you will dig deep in each story, you will find all ends in the lap of love. The real story of Valentine’s week is related to the consecrated name of St. Valentine, who was the preacher of love.

How To Celebrate Rose Day

Lovers doesn’t need guide how to celebrate the first day of love week. Everyone has its own definition and feelings intact to this day. Though some add-ons can ignite the passion of love and take it on a ferry ride, like gifting roses with sweet delicacies to your love, sending greeting with roses with heartfelt messages. For a different taste of Romanism, send a heart-shaped decorated doves or cupid.

Emotions That Roses Reflect                                                       

Flowers are the symbol of love, respect, peace, purity and dedication. And so when you present roses to someone special, it expresses your emotions, though there is no hard and fast rule in this way of expressing feelings, the more you will plunge the better it is. A single rose represents you are thanking your love for being in your life. A bunch of red roses implies you want a special corner in your partner’s heart  and silently utter “I love you”

So, with roses you can speak up your entire feelings without ushering a single word. The color of roses has also to say something, the yellow is for friendship, white rose signifies peace and purity, lavender for admiring and expressing love, red is for love.

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