WHEN I CONSUME YOU (2021) Reviews and overview




When I Consume You is a 2021 American mystery horror drama about a woman and her brother who seek revenge against a mysterious stalker.

Written, directed and photographed by Perry Blackshear (The Rusalka aka The Siren; They Look Like People). Co-produced by MacLeod Andrews, Perry Blackshear, Evan Dumouchel and Libby Ewing.

The Ahab and the Dark production stars Libby Ewing, Evan Dumouchel (The Rusalka), MacLeod Andrews, Margaret Ying Drake (The Rusalka), Mick Casale and Claire Siebers.


“When I Consume You deals with grief and trauma, but with supernatural forces dotting the edges. The film is disquieting, throwing you off-kilter even once you believe you’ve got the hang of things. Unexpected in intriguing ways, When I Consume You isn’t my favourite film at the festival, but I’ll definitely be thinking of it for a long while after, still muttering to myself that the title says when, not if.” @ssholes Watching Movies

“There is a lot to like with When I Consume You, but the structural issues hold it back. Perry Blackshear has some amazing ideas he wants to tell, and if he can push past these barriers I could see something amazing coming from him in the near future. As it stands now, When I Consume You misses the mark, but does so much right it is well worth the watch for the first half alone.” CGM Backlot


“The picture loses momentum in its middle portion when it dwells too long on misdirection, and its resolution feels convenient where a more ambiguous outcome might have delivered the kill shot. But when it locks in, When I Consume You has weight and import. It’s a strong, noble work…” Film Freak Central

“Snippets of information are so meticulously laid out that at times it feels as though you are watching two separate films. The directional pull towards which story you want to be watching is what makes this writer-director unique, moody, heartfelt, and creepy all at the same time. Drawing from the idea of demons is what meshes all the pieces together, and here they are real.” Mother of Movies

While there is much to praise in the film’s handling of human, emotive elements, it also delivers on its horror. Jump scares are not everyone’s favourite horror cliché, but when they are well-crafted and earn the jolt from the viewer it is hard to argue with them […] Beautiful, affecting but with plenty of scares and horror trappings, When I Consume You is a wonderful example of how powerful horror can be, especially when it is ultimately a story of hope.” Scared Sheepless

“Beautifully shot and genuinely creepy in places, When I Consume You bounces around between horror, philosophy/religion and brother/sister relationships. It’s also about growing up and finding oneself, or maybe that should be included under philosophy. I found it all a bit too confusing, but still interesting enough to stick it out until the end. While this might have been a bit too elevated for me, those who like their films on the cryptic side will probably enjoy it…” Voices from the Balcony

“When I Consume You spends two-thirds of its runtime in the surprisingly engaging middle ground between a bleak family focused neo noir and updated folklore. It’s unfortunate that there’s a late in the game lurch toward the most literal possible interpretation to the movie’s mystery and main themes, shoehorned in via voiceover. The way the last stretch is handled is just a bit too pat and perfect by comparison to everything that proceeded it.” Wicked Horror


Writer-director Perry Blackshear has commented: “There is a hard-won steady message within the movie that emerged as we were all making it that continues to give me heart: The world is hard. Evil can never be defeated. Loving can bring pain. Live anyway. Fight anyway. Love anyway.”

Cast and characters:

Libby Ewing … Daphne Shaw
Evan Dumouchel … Wilson Shaw
MacLeod Andrews … David Castille
Margaret Ying Drake … Anete
Mick Casale … Jim Calvino
Kiara Jones … Psychologist
Jeff Musillo
Claire Siebers … Dani
Adam Stovall … Physician’s Assistant

Filming locations:

New York City, New York

Technical details:

92 minutes


There is currently no trailer available for When I Consume You.