Will the mask return to school or store?


North fort myers

In aggressive delta variants, people are braking because herd immunity is so far apart.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday Changed guidance Everyone, whether vaccinated or not, should wear a mask indoors in a public space where COVID-19 is skyrocketing. This includes all schools from kindergarten to high school, but for now, local districts use masks as an option.

The parents we spoke to have different opinions. Some believe that masks should be mandatory in schools due to the proliferation of instruction and varieties. Some people think that CDC guidance changes frequently, so the choice of masking should be left to the parent.

In just a few weeks, students fill a school in Lee County. Some of them are masked, but some are not.

“In this case, my daughter must always wear a mask at school,” said parent Luis Hernandez.

“I give him a choice, but I’m 100% sure he won’t wear a mask,” said parent Angela Salander.

The CDC said everyone in the school needs to wear a mask indoors, even if they are vaccinated. Hernandez is a guidance that everyone thinks should be taken seriously.

“I believe the school should take that into account,” he said.

Salander didn’t want to wear a mask, so he left his son home from school last year. She said the CDC guidance did not change her belief that masks should be thrown away at school.

“CDC, every time you look back, they change something,” she said.

“They can’t see people’s faces and smiles. It’s hard to understand a teacher with a mask on and they’re losing a lot.”

Masks are an option in the local school district, so I posted on Facebook and asked parents if they would like to change the way their children go to school. Some say they keep their children at home because of the mask policy.

Debbie Jordan, chairman of the Lee County Board of Education, said he understood his parents’ concerns, but the district is seeking direction from state leaders.

“We want to hear from all parents, but sometimes we really have no choice as to what we have to do and what we have to do.”

Governor Ron DeSantis has repeatedly said that there is no school mask obligation in Florida. He will call a special legislative assembly If the federal government requests a mask at school.

DeSantis said on July 22, “There was talk about people advocating at the federal level and who could impose forced masks on children. Not in Florida. Children need to breathe. . “

How about the store?

New figures released by Lee Health on Wednesday show that cases of COVID-19 are spreading rapidly in Lee County, and many are paying attention. Just look around when you’re out and you’ll see more people masking again.

Whether the store returns to requesting a mask is in the air. When the CDC changed its guidance in May, the majority of them lifted the mask requirement. Winn-Dixie says it encourages customers to wear masks when shopping, as the CDC has updated the guidance again as the number of cases increases again, and Publix is ​​reviewing the updated guidance. Said.

CVS requires employees to wear masks, even if they are vaccinated, and encourages customers to wear them as well. Walgreens removed the mask obligations for employees and customers in May and recommended that only unvaccinated people wear masks. The company has not issued a statement regarding the latest guidance from the CDC.

When it comes to whether shoppers want to wear masks? It’s a mixed bag.

Mario Aversano of North Fort Myers said:

“I think it’s beneficial to us to hear that,” said Helen Singletary of North Fort Myers.

The CDC said Tuesday that vaccinated people would need to wear masks indoors in high-infection areas due to the functioning of the Delta variant. This includes all Florida counties.

Single Tally said he wanted to see more people wearing masks in the store.

“I don’t know if I picked up the mask or contacted the person who owns it, so I think everyone should wear the mask in public, where there are many people around,” she said. rice field.

“If they mandate it, I’ll be more comfortable.”

James Finn, who lives in North Fort Myers, said vaccination should be maskless at will.

“If you are vaccinated, you should be able to go anywhere without any problems. If you have not been vaccinated, you will need to wear a mask. “

Aversano said he had not been vaccinated, had no plans to fire, and had no plans to wear a mask, regardless of what the CDC and other stores said.

“I think it’s against the free will of Americans,” he said.

WINK News has asked Wal-Mart and Costco if they have updated their mask policy, but is still waiting for a reply. Target has also not yet made any statement regarding the change.